Monday, May 24, 2010

Natural Hair at The Makeup Show NYC!

This past weekend I went to The Makeup Show NYC. This is my second time going and I had a ball!! I'll save all of the beauty talk for Clumps of Mascara but when I tell y'all natural hair was in full effect at the show, I ain't playin'! The above photo is of me, Erin from Scandalous Beauty, Meagan Shea and Marsha from Brown Face TV. These ladies are doing enormous things in the beauty and hair world online and off.

Then there's Kia from Yummy 411.

Kia was the FIRST commenter on Clumps back in '07. She has always been such a good friend and supporter. I remember when her locs were babies and ohmigoodness..they are sooo long and beautiful. I couldn't keep my hands out of her hair!

Hey SanTara! She blogs from The Gorgeous Ingredient.

Those healthy and luscious curls are giving me life!

And then there's my college girlfriend and one of Clumps' NYC reps. She's 8 months natural and I remember when she first called me about the idea of going natural. She was all nervous and ish. And why? She is gorgeous!

Me and Krys at a fabulous Senegalese restaurant in Harlem.

And then there's Erin from Makeup Fiend who recently BCed for a second time. Her hair is just...sooooo pretty. Brings out all of her gorgeous features. If I ever cut my locs off, I think I'm going to try and go this low again. Can you imagine? No products, no twistin', no combin', nothin'. Love it!

Amina from Coup de Couer was my roomie for the show. I LOVE her! She's got the softest hair ever!

Nerissa from Noire Beautiful is just that...beautiful!!

I saw so many naturals that I wanted to stop. This was an event for Clumps but the Loc Rocker in me couldn't help but get all excited over the AMAZING styles I saw.

I freakin' love hair, y'all. A lot.


Blank said...

Aww thanks Bri! All the ladies look lovely! Makes me proud to finally join the natural circle. We are truly diverse and beautiful! I ha dsoo much fun that didnt, it was just what i needed. Love you sweetums!


Amina said...

Beautiful!!!!!!!! Love love love this post :)

B said...

Muah! Love you, Krys! And you too, Amina!

Miss.Stefanie said...

My Best friend Brit!!!

LaKisha said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics. I just want you to know that I truly love your blog. Keep up the great work!


UrbanGlamGyrl said...

it is truly amazing and inspiring to see such camaraderie between all the beauty bloggers in the blogosphere and to see all this beautiful natural hair. i'm new to the blogging arena but i am excited about the possible new friendships and the exciting opportunities that awaits. i'm also new on this natural hair journey and there are so many options, i'm just super excited to be apart of this journey!

B said...

Thanks you guys!

Love you, Steffie!

LaKisha---> Thank you so so soooo much. That means a lot.

UGG---> Girl, it's a beautiful thang. Join us!! Checkin' out your blog right now. ;)

Unknown said...

how did i miss this post? Brit, your a superstar!! this is a great and everyone looks beautiful, it was great to see all the naturals representing. ok and Erin serves that short cut for real! :)

Newness of Life said...

OMG! MEAAAAGAN! You got all my friends on your blog. lol! Sometimes I feel like I need to move East because yall always have the fun stuff going on. lol