Friday, July 1, 2011

Guest Post: Tamara and her 5-month old locs

Hey there fellow Loc Rockers!  My name is Tamara and I am mighty.  I am an expert music lover and concert goer turned novice runner. I imagined myself with locs long before my first hair appointment. They represented so much for me, and about our people.  Locs were compelling for both their beauty and resistance to European beauty standards.  I loved all locs in their variations (thin, thick, free form, or super manicured).  Unfortunately as a newbie natural I was "not ready" for locs.  After my big chop in  2006 I wore some variation of fros, twists, braids, and twistouts.  By late 2010, I had enough!  I was tired of admiring other beautiful sisters and brothers with locs.

In January my loc envy got so bad that I spent all night searching the Internet for salon recommendations and tips for newbies.  Finally I found Knotty Roots Natural Care Studio.  This salon was everything I needed.  During our consultation the owner Mizan carefully answered all 50-11 of my questions about loc installation, maintenance, products, and general natural haircare.  A few days and $90 later I had my comb coils.  She event sent me home with a packet and free handmade hair concoctions.

To date my baby locs have been a source of pride.  As a new runner (ahem!), locs make it easy to get up and go.  I'm super excited to continue this new journey.  Before I know it my locs will be long, mature locs, a reflection of the care, time, and money I put into them.  Right now, I'll settle on more loc envy -- (B., Chescalocs, Iroclocs, and fyeahdreadlocks I'm looking at you!)

Locs Installation-- January 6, 2011
Method-- comb coils at Knotty Roots Natural Hair Care Studio in Bayonne, NJ
Regimen-- mostly DIY - wash when my hair when I get the urge, relieve the itchies with Peppermint Oil spritzer and moisturize with Hair Sprouter oil (both sold at Knotty Roots)
Condition-- Suave naturals, Carols Daughter Tui hair smoothie mixed with water, or LUSH American Cream conditioner.
Retwist-- once a month.

Got questions for Tamara? Leave them in this post and she'll respond.