Wednesday, December 4, 2002

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Unknown said...

Ok Loc'ers! so I made the decision to go natural on sep.21, 2010! I loced my hair on Dec.17th and had to get a lot of the chemicals clipped out, which was no biggie to me! Through out the process I have lost a close friend and got in a few confortations *who care*!! I have had people say to me I will not look right with locs because I am to beautiful, which I totally disagree *your hair does not define your beauty* I am beautiful with no hair!!.. well what's the problem huh? since my hair is already thin and short there isn't much I can do to it until it grows but the with the length of it the locs seems to stick out in the front only and lay down in the back *not a pretty site* lol are there any suggestions for styles that would help me until I get a little length in the front? I have my loctician say to wear a wig...uuhh no because that would be pointless in going natrual I think so open to suggestions!

B said...

Your loctician suggested that you wear a wig? Boooooo!!!!! So glad to turned that offer down. Leave the hair alone and let it grow. Don't try to MAKE it lay down. Let it do its thang. :)

Kierra said...

Hey B! I just started a blog about my loc journey! Yaaay! Anywho, I don't have any followers, and I'd be honored if you were one of them! here is the link to my blog: Hope to hear from you soon!