Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Q&A: Session 5

So sorry for the ghostness, y'all. With Loc Rocker's older sister being hacked (a blogger's worst nightmare) and Blogger giving me mega problems when it comes to putting a post up (Blogger sucks royally), I've been a bit behind. We haven't done one of these in a while and I figured since I've been getting some interesting and similar questions these days, I figured it was time for another Q&A Session

Q: How do I ________ my Sisterlocks?
A: I get very many questions about Sisterlocks and interlocks. However, because I am a traditional loc rocker, I never feel confident enough to give out advice to ladies and gents whose loc'ing methods are so different from mine. That said I can't tell you a thing about Sisterlocks. But I can lead you to better resources. One comes from my girl Dewdrop. ;)

Q: Did you ever clear up your dry scalp issue? 
A: Oh you remember my complaints about the dry scalp, uh? The good news is---I'm not having that problem too much anymore. I think it has something to do with the weather. I think most peoples' scalps tend to be a little drier in the cooler months. I also wash my locs a lot more (every week) so the scalp really never has time to get super dry. So's gone for now but I think a dry scalp is a chronic issue for me. No worries, I'll have my Head and Shoulders 2-in-1 on deck when it's time. ;) 

Q: I love your freeform challenge idea and want to completely start freeforming my 16 month old locks. How do you think I should start the process?
A: OMG, don't even get me started on freeforming. It has been one of the best experiences ever. I see what people mean about having some kind of spiritual connection with their locs. I developed an insane amount of self-love and self-acceptance when I stopped twisting my locs to an inch of their lives and just let Fuzzy afro-roots and all. It's a beautiful thing. But you see, my darling...there is NO process. There isn't a schedule or a guide or road map. You just...let go. While it sounds simple, I guarantee you it may not be easy in the beginning. Especially if you're a "I've got to see my scalp" kind of loc'er. You may feel unattractive and "unprofessional". I know I did. But give it some days, weeks and months. Discover an authentic and unmaintained side of beauty. The side of beauty that says, "Yeah, I've got locs and they don't have to super manicured to be beautiful." Some permies say they can't go natural because they don't see the beauty in natural hair and my belief is that some of us naturals have a similar mentality. We can't freeform because Whoa, that's just way too "Rasta" looking. Or too "free". I hate to admit it but I thought that way once. I'm rambling now but I am quite passionate about freeforming. It's the greatest gift I've given to my locs and to myself. You'll enjoy the journey. I promise.

Q: B, wtf is the deal with castile soap? My dreadlocks used to love it and now it doesn't work as well.  i haven't seen you talk about it in a while. do you use it still?
A: Nope! Sure don't. My locs are not a fan of castile soap either. I used it A LOT back in the day but now I find it to be extremely drying on my color treated hair. That and I really don't dig that super clean streak-y feeling that castile soap gives. It's just...not pleasant. It left my locs really crunching. I now use more moisturizing shampoos and follow up with leave-in conditioners. My locs are a lot happier now that I've dumped castile soap. Remember I wrote that Letter to Castile soap? Yeah...that was pretty much around the time when I stopped using it.

Q: I can't seem to find the best product to retwist my locs with. I've used everything and can't seem to get that hold that I want. What do you think I should do?
A: Okay soooo, define HOLD for me. Are you looking to achieve some kind of liquid metal spritz type hold? The type of hold that us former permies would get at the hair salon after sitting under the dryer for 50 years? Nah...can't say I've ever come across a product that can give THAT kind of hold. But why do you feel as if you need a hold like that? Are your locs struggling to stay twisted? If so, welcome to palmrolling. This method of locs means that even if you spent hours retwisting your new growth, there is always a chance that they may unravel. Especially when water, humidity and sweat is involved. I've heard of loc rockers using brown gels and have received a good hold. I'm an aloe vera gel (will soon be retwisting with just water) girl myself so I can't say I've tried many products for retwisting.

Q: Don't think I'm crazy but next month I'm getting locks and I am really nervous about what my boyfriend will think. You dont talk much about your guy but how does he feel about your locs?
A: You're right....I don't talk much about my guy (lovingly named "The Guy") online. Sure I'll talk about my dry scalp, crazy menstrual cycle and adult acne all willy nilly. But when it comes to my relationship, I find it better to keep it offline. The Guy and I have been dating for a little under a year so I had the locs when we met. He is not one of those fellas who are head over heels in love with natural hair. Nor was he ever questioning if I was going to perm it. Quite frankly, I don't think he cares one way or the other. For a lot of guys, it really is JUST hair. They could give two craps about how it looks. And no, I don't think you're crazy. You definitely want to be attractive to your significant other. But if having locs is what YOU want, do it for you and only you. If you're a little weary about his reaction, show him blogs and videos about loc'ing. Explain to him that it's a process and that there may be times when you look a little loca. Ask him what he thinks. But whatever you do, don't let his thoughts influence how you feel about your beautiful hair and beautiful self.

Then again, being that I'm in my first relationship after being chronically single for um....years, I may not be the BEST person to be delivering relationship advice. HAAA!!!

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