Sunday, April 28, 2002


Hey y'all! I am most known as B (or Brittany-three syllables, yes, I'm fancy LOL!), the editor over at Clumps of Mascara. I decided to start this hair blog a few weeks before I got my locs installed. The online natural hair community was a huge motivator for me when I first went natural in 2005. And since then I've had a passion for natural hair. While Loc Rocker tracks my journey into loc'dom, it is also a blog that discusses the issues, emotions and lifestyles regarding natural hair. I also love featuring fellow naturals, womanprenuers, brands, companies, art, products, music and articles/photos surrounding natural hair. Because, whether you agree or not, Black hair is quite relevant these days and I find it fascinating. 

NOTE: Please do not assume that my pride in natural hair means that I am anti other hairstyles and textures. I have no problem with perms and weaves. However, I have made a personal decision to not use them. Ever. Again. Just as you prefer to wear your hair a certain way, I prefer to rock the natural and rock it proudly.  Good hair is healthy hair. Period.

And also, I am not a professional. Nor do I consider myself a natural hair guru. I simply like it, rock it and have decided to blog about it. Bam. That's it, chief.

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LocRocker's Features

Event Coverage

  • I had the BEST time at the 2010 World Natural Hair Show in Atlanta. Like...the best. Check out all of my coverage here.
  • Natural heads at The Makeup Show 2010 in NYC. 
  • I volunteered at the Peace and Beauty Project's Natural Beauty Lab. Soooo much fun!
  • Natural heads at The Blogalicious Conference 2010 in Miami. 
  • There was a Natural Hair Show in my hood! Check out my coverage of the 1st Central Florida Natural Hair and Beauty Expo here
  • I went to the other side of I-4 to attend the Fabulously Unique Natural Hair Affair in Tampa Bay. Check out my event coverage here.
  • I went back to ATL for the World Natural Hair Show 2011.
  • I hosted my first natural hair event. Natural Connections was like a Girl's Night Out for atural hair.


Unknown said...

just fell in love with your site...i love my locs!