Monday, April 24, 2017

Oh hey...

Guess who's getting her second set of locs installed this Friday?

...come on...guess!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Locs no more....

Hey y'all!

Sooooo, this happened:

I know, I know. How does THEE LocRocker go and chop off her locs? Honestly, y'all...I've been wanting to chop them for quite some time. As much as I adored my locs, I just felt like it was time for change. They were getting long, hot and heavy. I missed feeling water on my scalp. I wanted the TWA again. And so I woke up last Wednesday and just - chopped 'em.

I have zero regrets. I've got a hair appointment next week to get the fro shaped up and colored and I am 100% sure that I will loc  up again. Maybe this summer...and with a larger set. Call me nutty but I'm excited about starting a new set and sharing it with y'all again.

What does this mean for Loc Rocker? It means nada. The site will still be up and running. In fact, I am working on a cleaner site with better navigation. I hate that I left LR stagnant for so long but it's just proof of how I just wasn't into my locs anymore. I rocked 'em for almost 5 years and they were beautiful.

But - it's a new time and new season and I felt like they needed to go. OH! And in other news - my daughter was born and is now almost 3 months. I do updates of her here.

If you are interested in contributing to Loc Rocker in any way, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Love & Light!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My random funky hairdo!

Surprise! I actually did a hairstyle. How awesome am I? ;) This is a big deal because lately I just haven't been "into" doing my hair. I did pipe cleaner curls a few weeks back and they lasted forever. After those, I just felt...uninspired. And lazy. The other day, I cranked out 2 flat twists for a Beauty Blogger of Central Florida meetup.

Not too shabby, uh? 'Twas such an easy style so I won't even bother with the technique. And I don't even know if it should be considered a "style" as it took me no more than 2 minutes to do.

It was hard getting those bobby pins to stay put. I had to keep re-pinning them to keep the 2 twists together. Lots of thanks to my sister friend Courtney of Phyrra as she was the one that captured these photos.

Also pictured is one of my other beauty bloggin' gal pals Judi of Judixo.

Quick hair stats:
My locs are so in need of some pampering. I want more color and I want a cut. A great deal of my thinner locs from the double headed dragons are becoming long and thin and I just want to get rid of them. I'd loose a good 2-3 inches of locs but I'm okay with that as length has never been a big deal to me. I am still struggling with the trying to beat the urge to shave my head. Ha!

Oh! And I am almost 6 months pregnant. I know, riiiiight?! I've been documenting the journey on Clumps of Mascara but never formally told my Loc Rocker fam. After our baby girl arrives, I'll be anxiously trying to step foot at my loctician's salon for some pampering.

Tis all for now!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Natural Hair Event: The Kinky Collaborative

Hey chicas...there's a pretty dope event happenin' in Brooklyn. So wish I could make it because I've been fan of the gorgeous Lexi of for a while and would love to meet her in person.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Loc Spotlight: Short 'n red baby locs

I am forever searching for gorgeous loc'd photos but y'all know how I am - unless there's a watermark or noticeable source, I'm not touching 'em.

But when I strolled through Tumblr and saw these beautiful lady, her locs AND a watermark, I just knew I had to share.

Short locs rock. And they are 10x cooler than the long locs I'm rockin' right now. You know...with this heat wave plaguing the city and all.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Q&A: Session 6

Even though Loc Rocker went ghost for a while, y'all still sent me questions via email and
 I still answered them. Below are some of the few that I've gotten over the past few months.
 My emailed answers were a lot longer because I have a problem with giving short answers

Q: B-your locs are now 3 years old. are there 
any products that you started at the beginning 
of your journey that you STILL use? 
A: Hmm, that's a good question. The answer is no. My locs had different needs in their
infancy. I loved castile soap (here's why I stopped using it) but haven't used it on my locs
in over a year. Mind you, I am NOT a product junkie and have never been one. I stick to
products that I like but I'm still a sucker for trying new thing; but only when my old products
 have run out. But I have tried several shampoos over the months. My favorite shampoo in
 life will always be Peter Lamas' Purifying Shampoo but honey, that's an expensive shampoo
 and mama be on a budget. So yeah. I'm using different products all the time.

Q: Are you exclusiver a DIYer or do you still go
 to your loctician from time to time?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Must Have: Loc'd Barbie Doll

The beautiful Karen of Natural Beautiful Hair is killin' the game with these beautiful loc'd Barbie dolls...

I've seen a lot of imitators out there but her dolls look the best. I've got a Barbie with an afro but soooooo need to add this one to my stash. Beautiful, ain't she?

 Check out some of her other dolls here.