Monday, December 14, 2009

Q&A's: Session 1

I've been getting a lot of emails with questions and now that the locs are a year old, I think it's the perfect time to post these answers. I hope they help!

Q: How long will it take for me to loc my hair?
A: Throw this question out of your mind. Seriously, if you have ever thought this, mentally remove it and put it to rest. There is no way you will know. Hair texture, lifestyle and how your locs were installed have a lot to do with how long it will take you to loc. My "soldier loc" was loc'd completely in 3 months. But a year later and I have still have some locs that haven't even budded or sealed at the tips. If I told you it would take you 9 months to loc would you change your mind about loc'ing? I hope not. It's called a journey for a reason. Be patient and enjoy your hair through this process.

Q: Why didn't you get Sisterlocks?
A: I get this question a lot! I seriously thought about Sisterlocks for quite some time. But the main reason why I didn't get them is because I couldn't afford them. It's as simple as that. I understand how they save you money in the long run and they really are worth the price but my cheap behind wouldn't allow it. That and I didn't want to HAVE to go to a Sisterlocks' specialist each time I wanted to get them re-tightened. I opted for cultivated locs because I wanted to do them myself quickly and easily. And, I am now at the point where I like the look of larger locs. Sisterlocks are just too tiny for me. I'd be too concerned about them thinning.

Q: What was one of your biggest hair problems while loc'ing?
A: If you would have asked me this during my first 6 months I would have said, "FUZZIES!!". It took a long time to accept the fact that they were going to stay. Working out with comb coils was tough too. It made a fresh re-twist look "seasoned" every time. And then there's dandruff, but that may always be an issue for me. *sigh* I guess. Seems like after the 6 months, the locs really came into their own and the fuzzies and work-out woes were no more.

Q: Why did you stop going to the loctician?
A: When I first got my locs installed, I wanted them done by a professional. I wanted her to teach me about products, techniques, styles, etc. So in a sense, I wanted to be educated about my new locs. She was great at that! But at the same time I wanted to care for my own hair....even if my loctician was the best thing ever. I will still visit her from time to time for pampering but I love being able to do my own hair. That and I save A LOT of money by not going. Yep, I'm cheap. So what! LOL

Q: How did you deal with the fuzzies?
A: I did just that. I dealt with them. I didn't hide them under scarves. I didn't slick them back with any gels or pomades either. I just walked around with fuzz. Did I like it then? Nope...I can't say I felt pretty the entire time. But I stopped my complaining and dealt with it. I mean, read this post. I virtually hated my locs at one point and that was only day 8! Do your complaining and then shut up. The fuzzies ain't goin' nowhere fast. :)

Q: Was there ever a time when you wanted to take the locs out?
A: NO!!! I REALLY wanted to loc so there was no quitting for me. It's a personal decision...if you are 2 months in and want to take them out, who cares? It's your hair. I have more fun with my locs than I ever did with a huge fro so locs really are for me! In fact, the only other style that I would rock again other than locs is a TWA (teeny weeny afro). I was natural for almost 4 years before I loc'd. I had my fun with that. Locs was the next choice for me.

Q: Why do you call them "locs" and not "dreadlocks" or "locks"?
A: You say tomato, I say banana. really is a preference. I never call them "dreads" or "dreadlocks" because I don't like that term. There is nothing dreadful about my locs. I'm not going to refer to anything on my head with the word "dread" in it. But some people don't see it that way and that's fine. I don't get offended when people call them "dreads", I just use "locs". I dropped the "K" from locs because I "think" that's the more common spelling. Etymology rocks my socks and I love semantic changes. Such a nerd, I am.

Q: How long will you grow your locs?
A: I'm a free spirit that flows with the wind. I don't see myself cutting off my locs (combing them out soooo isn't an option!) for quite some time. I don't have any length goals. I'm just flowin'.

I'll do more in another session. Don't forget you can email me about whatever at


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i loooove the session!!!! looking forward to more

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Thanks for all of the support, darling!