Friday, April 30, 2004

Loc'd Challenges

The journey in loc'dom ain't all smiles. I keep it real on Loc Rocker. From trying to choose the right conditioner to battling build-up, check out the following posts where I showcase a few of my challenges. Be sure to check out the comments in each posts. Loc Rocker commenters are VERY helpful!

A message to struggling loc'ers-A little motivation to those thinking about loc'ing and the newbie loc'ers.

Locs or Dreads?-What do you call them?

Dye-ing the locs-Don't make my mistakes! Better yet...just see a professional.

Latching 101
-Not that I ever got the concept down...

Flat-twisting the locs

Professionalism and Locs

Things Permies Say

Combining locs


Washing the locs

Drying the locs

Thinning Locs-the biggest challenge ever.

Sisterlocks vs. Traditional locks

Swimming with Locs

The day I combed out a loc

Locs Post-Wash

Removing Build-up and Lint from Locs

Guest Post: Combing out the locs