Monday, April 28, 2003

KNOW THIS: My journey is MY journey. It does not look like any others' journey. If you are interested in locs or currently loc'ing, realize that everyone's journey is going to be different. The quicker you accept your hair texture, method of loc'ing and outcome, the better you will enjoy this journey. Do not compare your locs to any other set of locs. While it's okay to marvel and appreciate other locs, don't forget to love and appreciate your crown too.

Many may not understand the emotions that are behind loc'ing and that's fine. It's not for them to understand. Enjoy what nature is doing to your crown and continue to love yourself....ultimately.

As you look at the stages of my locs, please do not assume that if your locs do not look like mine, that something is wrong. Your babies are right where they need to be. I am documenting my journey to share but please know that it is not a "guide to how locs should look". And remember, I am not a professional hair stylist or hair guru. I know what I know only because I research and go through trials and errors.

My hair stats:

-Last perm: December 2004
-1st Big Chop: April 2005
-2nd Big Chop: September 2008
-3rd Big Chop: March 2013

Loc Stats:
-Birthdate: December 13, 2008
-Started off by a loctician (check her out here. LOVE her!)
-Started off with comb coils
-Maintenance includes DIY semi-freeforming/palm rolling
(I latched for a good 3 months. That was a fail.)

Hair Colors (yes, I'm slightly obsessed):
Dark and Lovely's Honey Blonde
Dark and Lovely's Vivacious Red
Clairol's Miss. Clairol in Sunberry
Manic Panic Ultra Violet
Creme of Nature Red Copper
Professional dye job gone wrong 
Quick Touch Up 
Clairol's Light Red-Neutral Brown fix

Number of locs:
Started with about:191
Current number: 102

Journey By Month

Me Before Locs-I was natural for 3.5 years before I loc'd it up. Enjoy your fro first!
The Locs' Birthday
Locs at 1 Month
Locs at 2 Months
Locs at 3 Months
Locs at 4 Months
Locs at 5 Months
Locs at 6 Months
Locs at 7 Months
Locs at 8 Months
Locs at 9 Months
Locs at 10 Months
Locs at 11 Months
Locs at A YEAR!!!!
Locs at 14 Months
Locs at 16 Months
Locs at 18 Months 
Locs at 20 Months 
Locs at 22 Months
Locs at 24 Months
Locs at 29 Months (quite the jump, right? Ha!)
Locs at 42 Months (...or 3.5 years)


Ms.October said...

What type of products do you use to re-twist your hair?