Monday, May 17, 2010

Q&A: Session 3

 Time for another question and answer session!

Q: Hey B! I love your blog and I thank you so much for tracking your journey each month. My locs are at 4 months and after looking at your '4 month update' I feel like my locs are behind. They are so short. What am I doing wrong? 
A: Hey sis! I do appreciate the love. But lemme kick it to you straight. Your locs are right where they need to be. My posting of monthly updates is simply a display of how MY locs have progressed. If you notice, I also talk about my feelings/thoughts/reactions towards my locs. It simply tracks MY experience and in no way is  an example of how anyone else's locs should look. Remember, we are all on different journeys. It's cool to check mine out but stay on your own. Do you know how many people mis-guess the age of my locs? No one ever thinks they are as old as they are. Why? Because while they are longer, they are still fuzzy wuzzy and not as loc'd up as other loc rockers my age. It is what it is.

Q: What do you use to make your locs grow so fast? I want mine longer.
A: My hair has always grown extremely fast. I think it's genetics because my Mom's roots also grow at the speed of light. I also contribute it to my diet. I drink 64 ounces of water a day in addition to eating greens for 3 out of 6 meals a day. I take a fish oil vitamin and a multi-vitamin. I work out regularly and massage my hair nightly. If I stop these things, would my hair stop growing? I'm not sure. But you would be surprised at what a lifestyle change can do to your skin, hair and nails. I say try it! And don't be so obsessed with hair growth. Healthy hair is way more important than long hair.

Q: Hey B! I have Sisterlocks and I hate them. They are WAY too thin and pull on my edges. I wish I would have thought twice before getting them. I only got them because they looked more professional than regular locs but now I want to cut them off and start over with traditional locs. What do you think?
A: I'll forgive you for saying 'looked more professional than regular locs' since you're going to be joining our branch of loc'dom soon. :) I think before you cut your locs, you should talk to your loctician and other Sisterlock'ers. To be honest, as much as I lusted over Sisterlocks and STILL admire their beauty, I'm glad I have traditional locs. With each method of loc'ing comes pros and cons and it's important to research what cons you're more likely "okay" with dealing with. So before you do anything dramatic, talk with other SL professionals and loc'ers.

Q: I really miss conditioning my hair but stay away from it because of the potential Build-Up. How can I make sure my scalp and locks are conditioned without using a ton of oil? That gives me build-up too!
A: Girl, join the club! You be Prez and I'll be Parliamentarian. Seriously! I have come across the same problem. Here's what I think helps condition the locs. Wait for it... Leave in Conditioners. I haven't quite made one of my own yet but if you take your favorite store-bought conditioner, dilute it with water and spray it all over the locs, you'll get that moisture back in your hair without yucky build-up. Remember water alone is a good moisturizer too! Oh...and try moisturizing less. Are you putting oil in your hair as a habit or do your locs REALLY need it? Think about it.

Q: Im a guy and I think you're beautiful. My real reason for emailing you is because I have dreads and they are about 2 months old. They look so bad and I hate to admit it but they make me feel less attractive. I know you females are able to do styles  but I feel like mine are too short to be doing that just yet. Help a brother out!
A: *blushes* OMG, thank you soooo much for the compliment. How do guys even find Loc Rocker? I'm not complaining, but wow! Well, homes...ain't nothin' you can do you. Ride this wave out. I didn't do styles until my locs were 3 months old. It's a tough place to be in but it'll be over soon. You're being tough on yourself. Find some confidence, love your hair and let that attractiveness shine from within. Go 'head!

Q: i love that you're a natural that embraces natural products but isn't against commercial products either. do you think you'll ever give up commercial products? a friend of mine says commercial items get into our skin and are killing us.
A: I like to use what works. Period. VO5 shampoo has a crap load of parabens and 'cones but I ain't givin' it up no time soon because my hair LOVES it. I get frustrated with people are so judgmental about what other people use. Especially if they aren't offering sensible alternatives. Everyone isn't aware of the benefits of natural products. If you don't know, how can you incorporate it in your life? Not to mention natural products are often more expensive and not always widely available to everyone. I stand right down the middle and would rather people keep their hair healthy than be conflicted with natural vs. commercial. And tell your friend that they should probably stay in a bubble because pollution and public areas are probably more harmful to us than a friggin' shampoo. #justsayin

Q: So you got a LocRocker YouTube Channel up. I'm so happy. What kind of videos will you be doing?
A: The last thing YouTube need is another natural hair know-it-all. HA!!! Sounds harsh, but it's true. There are so many talented "gurus" on the Tube and my goal is not to join them and regularly post loc vids. That channel will simply complement the posts that I do here at Loc Rocker. As you can tell, the channel is practically dead now so I still have to find some time to spruce it up. :)

Q: I have been natural for six yrs and thinking about locking my hair. But I am afraid of the 'ugly stage'. how did you get past those nerves?
A:  Know this....the only thing ugly is our mentality. I'm not going to say that there won't be rough days (such is the case with ANY hair style) but the more you tell yourself that this "this is the ugly stage", the less attractive you will feel. Stop using defeatist words. Ignore people's opinions. Seek to find the beauty in your hair. And in yourself. It's a process, it's a journey and it really is a mentality. The great Bob Marley said it best, "Emancipate yourself from mental slavery."

You can email me your questions/suggestions at Thanks for the support, y'all!

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NESSessary said...

Great questions and great answers B! love it!

NESSessary said...

Btw i really liked the way you responded to the commercial products question. I have been noticing lately how people are like "Don't put that in your hair use ALL NATURAL ORGANIC" or "don't do that because it will damage your hair." Although I know people have good intentions by warning people not to use this or that, it's a tad bit ridiculous and a bit paranoid lol. If it works for you and your hair, use it. Not all of us has the time, money, or convenience to buy all natural hair products, nor does all of us really want or need to. Some people act all dramatic and serious when somebody uses a commercial products or uses rubberbands or wax in their hair, or god forbid regular acv instead of the all organic kind, as if it's the end of the world if they use those products. I think people need to chill out and only worry about what they put in their hair not what others put in theirs.

Unknown said...

I liked that response too - the organic stuff had left so much buildup that I went back to the stuff I knew was sure to strip even the natural oils from my hair.

Also, to the person who has "more professional looking locs" (I'm slightly annoyed at the phrasing, but whatevs...) Kalia-Dewdrop's blog has a couple of great posts about latching together her sisterlocks in order to obtain thicker, "traditional" locs. I would suggest that before this person try cutting off all their hair, they think about this method.