Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm learning!!

I spent a good 2 hours today on I used to be addicted to that site before and a few months after I BCed. BC=big chop. This is usually when when someone cuts off their relaxed hair and rocks short nappy hair. Or a TWA...which is a teeny weeny afro.

Yes, we have our own terminology. Hence why I say being natural is more than a's a lifestyle.

Anyway--I forgot how GREAT is. This online resource for Black women and their natural hair has changed my life in many ways. I would have NEVER been so confident had it not been for the forum topics and its members.

It's great!

If you are a member of and you are also on a loc journey click HERE for the compiled list of loc discussions.

And for some random hair porn, check out this loctician's website and photo gallery! Can I just say that I too will rock red/purple/brown locs like the sista in the gallery. Click HERE to see what I'm talkin' about.

Peace and loc've.


KiKiB said...

i have been addicted to NP for years now. well 4 to be exact...since iv been natural. request me as a friend. its sosoul. i go again.....soundin stalkerish. lmaooo

Unknown said...

I've been a member of since 2003... i used to actively participate much more... I still go on to read the threads and like you, I love checking out the loc'ed sistas in their fotki albums! I have one as well! I'm "justanangel" on both.

Amina said...

NP is amaazing!
I've met great people and learned so much

Bsquared86 said...

I'm a NP lurker . . . I've been posting more lately, though.

They are very, very helpful . . . that's where I first heard of "Moe's Shealoe"and decided to mix up my own batch for my retwists. I owe them alot!