Thursday, April 2, 2009

3.5 Months....already??

I know, I know. It has been TOO long. Probably a little over a week.

My bad!

The locs are doing SO good. I went out of town last weekend (again....dang, I stay on the road) and a few of my family members noticed that I was loc'ing. One of my sisters goes,

"'s taking your hair FOREVER to loc."

She obviously hasn't been following my journey because I think that at almost 3 and a half months, I am doing pretty good. I let that comment go because she clearly doesn't know the struggle. LOL!

Don't mind the office scenery. I was on a lunch here is how we are lookin'...

I LOVE my loc adornments. I take a few locs, pin them to the side and throw a pretty piece of jewelery in my hair. I love it.

Fuzzy mania. And I don't mind it. It's goin' on three weeks since I've re-twisted and I am lovin' how I am letting my hair do whatever it wants. I am usually very picky and want every strand in its place but I am learning to let my hair do it's thang!

For the sake of tracking hair growth...

Speaking of that loc....that loc is my favorite. Why? Because it is completely loc'd! No fuzziness, no is hard. It is my warrior loc!

This picture doesn't show how serious this loc is, but trust me on this one. LOL!

Check out the fuzzies....

I didn't even know I had a loc adornment back there! LOL! I am shocked at how this looks BEAUTIFUL to me instead of a hot mess.

Now if there is one issue I have it would be this:

Do you see how this loc is budding in TWO different locations? At first glance, it looked like it may separate. I showed this to my loctician a few weeks back and she said that it's okay.....That my hair is trying to figure out where it should go. That made ZERO sense to me but a few weeks later, the loc that had that issue....was no more. I am sure the same will happen with this one.

It's funny how each month I have a different concern.

1st Month-OMG, the fuzzies won't go away
2nd Month-OMG, my locs are too small...they are going to break off
3rd Month-OMG, I have buds on two locs, they are going to break off

Craziness....and each month, the locs surprise me and look even more amazing.

*sigh* I love my hair.

Tis all for now.

.....and maybe in the next post, I will explain what budding is. It just occurred to me that some folx may not even know what that is. I'm on it!

Peace and loc've!


Bsquared86 said...

Looking good! And don't worry about the loc budding in two spots . . . mine did that too and eventually they condense.

I'm glad that you've embraced the fuzzies, they are a big part of loc maturation. Alot of people end up damaging their locs trying to avoid fuzzies (and for anyone reading: DO NOT snip, shave, trim fuzzies! you will weaken your locs.).

Amina said...

your babies look amaazing and the loc adornments I sent look goorgeous on you!!
yes don't worry about the budding in 2 different. I had the same thing..

B said...

Loc'tor--> You are SO great. It's so funny how budding happens in two spots. I will NEVER touch my fuzzies. OMG, shave them? Girl stop....I'm sure some have done that though. Yikes!

Amina--> Thank you, darling! Yes those are the ones you sent me. I get sooo many compliments.

Laquita said...

Your hair looks great :o)

Anonymous said...

Your hair is looking amazing!!

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

Those buds are just knots and it means you are locking up fast! Your baby locs are so cute! I'm loving them. You are truly coming along with your locs!

Martha said...

I love your hair and your attitude towards the whole process. You inspire me in many different ways and hair too...
I am about 2.5 months old...and some of mine are locking too....
Keep posting...i love this blog.
Many blessings!

Unknown said...

OMG look at how well your hair is progressing!!!!!!!!!

B said...

Thanks yall!!