Friday, May 29, 2009

Teenage Loc Affair

Sometimes I wish I never got a perm.


I would have been the only girl at my high school prom with locs.

Kinda like this 14-year old beauty Jaida Benjamin.

Her locs are absolutely beautiful. As is she.

What do you think? Could you see yourself with locs at 14 years old? I love natural hair so much that I think I would just die if my daughters came home and told me they wanted a perm.

You can find out more about Jaida here.

....actually, you HAVE to check her out. This little lady is dynamite.

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Amina said...

she's gooorgeous!
At 14, I could have NEVER EVER imagine myself with natural hair. It is something that never occcured around me since girls started getting perms at age 5, some even 4...
and I had way too many self-esteem issues to be able to do that!
Plus locs in many african countries have a bad reputation. I won't even go into that.
My parents would have NEVER allowed it...

I am so glad things are changing now...
For instance, a friend of mine has a 1yr old son and he has freeform locs...beautiful!
If I ever have a child, I will loc his hair when he or she is little, just so that he can experience how beautiful/amazing/transforming our hair is.

Anonymous said...

I would have loved to have a head full of locs when I was younger. I've always been the rebel and/or outsider and I would have loved it since not one person in my high school had locs. Then again, there may have been some boys on the football team....

She is very pretty!

EmberRose said...

I had a natural head of hair. If I could go back, my mom would make me do all the research I did after the perm and I would have never gotten one. She'd have also made me run some figures so I could see what a drain it was.

yours truly said...

co-sign SacredAngel. sums up exactly what my sentiments are right now.

that girl is so pretty, with gorgeous locs. i really hope she goes far with her career.

Officially Jaida Benjamin! said...

Hi Everyone!

This is JoCinda, Jaida's Mom! Wanted to say thank you "B" for the cute write up about Jaida and her locs. I also would like to thank everyone for all the kind comments!

Jaida has been growing her locs since she was 5. They began as twists by her Aunt Monetia but then the look was so becoming on Jaida that I decided to let her hair loc. She has never had a perm and has been growing them ever since. Being that she is a child entertainer, I always believed that her hair (along with her talents & inner light) would make her a stand out. Of course everyone thought I was crazy, especially African-Americans!!! Many of our people would ask me questions such as "Now what made you do that to this baby's hair?" or "Does REALLY she want her hair like THAT?" Of course I was astonished, but I always knew the greater picture for Jaida and never swayed from my decision. So today, she has gorgeous locs down her back. Many may think that her locs may block her from being successful in the entertainment industry, but actually, she is always known as the “girl with the locs" and chosen for many commercials & modeling gigs because of her hair. Jaida is also a vegetarian and enjoys being natural from within!

I too wear my hair natural and absolutely love it! I enjoy the versatility and find it free flowing and fun!

For more information on Jaida & her accomplishments check out her blog at and be sure to vote for Jaida to win her very own photo shoot with Teen Vogue!
Click here:

Babydoll said...

Her hair is gorgeous!