Saturday, June 13, 2009

The locs are 6 months old!

The locs turn 6 months old!!!

That's half a year!

I don't even know if they are babies anymore. I would say they are pre-teens. For the 6th month celebration, I set an appointment with my loctician and maaaaan, I forgot how fabulous her shop is.

She gives me hugs, cleanses the scalp like crazy and then I plop in the chair. She passes me an Essence magazine (the one with Queen on the cover...that's a good issue!) and we turn on "Along Came A Spider". We talk. I read. We watch the movies. My phone rings.

My loctician: "Want me to get that for you?"

Me: No ma'am. I'm in therapy right now.

She laughs.

And it's true....if I could afford it I would go to her every month. I have such peace being surrounded by ladies with positive spirits. My loctician was in love with how my hair looked. She couldn't stop complimenting me. She said that at 6 months.....the locs were looking good!


I was soooo engaged in the movie "The Last Dragon".

I'm a silly rabbit...

Length baby length!


I love them. Not as much as I will in a day or so. Locs look better a few days AFTER the hair appointment. The fuzzies start to come back a bit and they look amaziiiiing.

Products she used:
I still don't know! I always forget to ask. I am in such a zone in her shop.

My worries:
-Some of my locs are still very thin. Verrrry thin.
-My dandruff. I really think it's a scalp problem. I am going to the dermatologist to handle this.

I'll be sure to snap some shots of the locs in a few days and you'll see the difference.

I am in love!

Peace and loc've.


Tamar said...


Amina said...

they look goorgeous! I have loc envy!!
you look amazing mama!!now, where can i get those beautiful earrings?

Chloe Bee said...

MY hair....Girl yours is sooo frickin hot! i love it! Happy 6th month girl!

ExoticMommie said...

My mom has a major dandruff problem. And so I told her about ACV rinsing. She does them once a week, and it has kept the dandruff away. If she misses a week or 2. It comes back. She was using medicated washes and etc. But it was drying out her hair. Maybe you should try it if you already haven't.

Anonymous said...

Happy 6 Months!!!! You and your locs are gorgeous!!

I have dry scalp myself and it really works my nerves sometimes. More so when I'm getting my hair retightened... Like Exotic mentioned, ACV's will help. Dr Bronner's Peppermint and Tea Tree soaps have also helped me.

Unknown said...


B said...

Thanks for the love, fam. I really appreciate it.

Unknown said...

Congrats girly! Your locs are gorgeous!! You Go Girl!!

PhePhi said...

ROCK ON!! They (and you) look great!!

BlueNaturalMikey said...

Your locs are lookin' really nice!

Tarra Lu said...

Use Top Brass for your dandruff. Let me tell you, my hair use to snow A LOT. Top Brass cured my's magic.

B said...

T'arr.a---> My Mom soooo used to use that stuff back in the day. Never knew what it was for but I will definitely be checking it out now. Thanks!