Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The locs go to the Bahamas!

I didn't mean to, but I got the babies wet.

One of the pools in Atlantis has an insane crazy river. I has rapids and all kinds of foolishness that is not made for the weak. Weak, I am not. I LOVE the water. I've been swimming since birth and have never been one of those "I can't swim because of my hair." Black women (don't say a know there are A LOT of us out there). Even WITH a perm I never hesitate to jump in some water. Buuuut---the locs are young and while they've interacted with water before I wanted to be gentle with them while on this trip.

Chile please.

Within 5 minutes of touching water I was UNDER water. I swam laps, went down the lazy river hours at a time and plunged down water slides. I. had. a. ball.

And look how beautifully the babies held up!

Soaking wet and yet they manage to look nice and plump. And they stayed in tact. Each night, before dinner, I would retwist a few in the front...

.....and let the back to its own thang.

And it worked!! I washed with Dr. Bronner's Peppermint soap and...I don't think I used a conditioner.

Wait---that's a lie. I used Oyin Handmade Honey Hemp conditioner. I used a handheld blow dryer to get the locs dry and what the dryer didn't get the bright sun did.

Swimming + 6 month old locs = success!


Peace and loc've


Chloe Bee said...

GO HEAD GIRL! I feel you I am nowhere near shy to water and locks just make it a breeze. I wish I'd had them soon and watch out for any moisture left it can cause fungi and hat not. Either way have a good one and you and your locks are sooooo beautiful!

sabrina said...

It looks sooo good!

Shana Janelle said...

I know this is your hair blog but what pray tell do you have on your lips in the last photo my dear? Love that color!

B said...

Chloe Bee---> Yesss, I've heard about that and it makes me a paranoid mess!! I make sure that my locs are completely dry. Not that it takes long in the hot sun.

Sabrina---> Thank you, darling.

Shana---> You are sooo funny!! Not "pray tell"....ohhh weee, that sounds like the church folx talk. LOL! That is MAC's Dazzleglass in Funtabulous. Or is it Fantabulous? of 'em.