Monday, June 22, 2009

Throwback Hair: Bright Brown

A few weeks ago, an old college friend of mine (haha, like I've been out of college THAT long) sent me a text trying to find the photos of me with the "bright brown" hair color.

See, once upon a time before Facebook was taken over by non-collegiate peoples, it was actually used to document a great deal of my social life. Whenever there was an event, be it karaoke night, business internships or weekend trips to the popped up on Facebook. This was okay to do back in the day because only a handful of friends saw these pictures. Then I graduated and realized that photo documenting my life, albeit a sober and legal one, was not professional or relevant to my new life as a college grad. So I deleted the photos.

Anywaaayyyyy, I saved all of the removed photos to a flash drive and recently found the one with the bright brown hair.

A certain loc'd lover named me "Honey Bee" around this time. Loved this color!!

Ah yes...I was also "The Videogirl" in video production. I kinda loved the Broadcast Journalism major.

I love love love love looooove coloring my hair. As a natural, I've always done it myself and never had any issues. My natural dark brown hair does nothing for me. In the coming weeks, I am going to think about coloring a loc or two just for fun. Maybe do one red, another orange??

We'll seeee!!

Peace and loc've.


Anonymous said...

Love that bright color against your skin :)

B said...

Thank youuuu. I so miss that!

Kumina said...

I love that light brown color! Kinda like caramel, I love that color. I had it myself for a while. Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Definitely a great color on you!