Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Natural Head Spotlight: Malia Obama

President Obama has been President for little under 6 months and I am still in shock. I campaigned for him. I voted for him. And I traveled to D.C. to see him get sworn in. But every time I see him and his beautiful family I am STILL in...awe.

Yes, I pay attention to the Obama administration. I'm not that airheaded. But I also gawk at the First Lady's fits, Sasha's funny faces and Malia's natural-esque hairstyles.

That's right....I love that Malia sometimes rocks 2-strand twists and cornrows. These are styles that I wore as a little girl. And to be honest, I hated them. I was always "the only Black girl" in my elementary school classes. When I wore hairstyles like this I always felt "different". I didn't have the long and straight hair like my classmates. And I hated the questions that came along with wearing braids and twists.

"How does your hair do that?"

"How long does it take?"

"Why does it look like that?"

Drove me up a wall. And it gave me another reason to hate my hair. I'm sure 11-year old Malia doesn't mean to make a statement with her hair. But for us once little Black girls, her natural and braided styles say a lot.

Rock on, First Honey!


kukaberry said...

I love when kids keep they're hair natural. It shows they're innocence. I love that she has the same hairstyles I had in elementary and much of middle school. That really put a smile on my face.

Laquita said...

Great post. I noticed that about her hair also :o)

tnt5150 said...

I always beam when i see her hair braided. She sports the styles most of us did as little black girls

Anonymous said...

I wish I wore those styles when I was in elementary and/or middle school. By that time my mom had slapped a curl on my head...**shiver**...

B said...

Kuka---> I knowww, doesn't it? I just LOVE it.

Laquita---> *hugs*

tnt---> Yeeep! Although I don't know about kids now. Unfortunately a lot of little brown girls are rocking weaves in elementary school. WHAT!!!

MeikMeika---> Shtop iiiiit. LOL! Not a curl. LMAO!!! Well, look at you now, lady!