Sunday, August 2, 2009

Excellent Retwisting and curling video!

Thank you so much to my girl, rmcandelight for sending me this on YouTube. This video REALLY does a good job at showing you how to re-twist longer locs. The model has insanely beautiful locs. I almost fear my locs getting that long because it seems like it would take forever to re-twist. Woo!!

The model's locs kinda look like my loctician's locs in length. My loctician looooves curling her locs and they look gorgeous when she does. I think I'm going to buy some perm rods just to have. I don't intend on doing the small curls just yet because I don't want my locs to look crazy crazy short. I have to get a little more length to them first.

I've been shooting a lot of videos lately only because once again I'm behind LOL, been crazy busy. But stay tuned!


Unknown said...

don't go buy any rods, I will send you mine lol...them dang thangs are not meant to be slept on. and after rolling up my locs in them (as well as the washing and conditioning and all around babying of the locs) a sister is too dang tired to sit under a dryer lol....

I just ordered the loc loops last night! I was up till 3 am interlocking with the .99 plastic beading tool I found at the beauty supply store.
I have the perm rods, the pink plastic rollers with the snap on, the pink and green foam rollers from back in the day AND the soft rollers with the wire that I usually sleep in. The only problem with the soft rollers is that my hair is still wet when I wake up. The old time pank rollers with the snap on allow my locs to dry the fastest since they have holes all over the place (but they too are not meant to be slept in)

I had to go out and get a plastic tub just for all the rollers I have used on my locs!

Bsquared86 said...

i cant wait until my locs are long like that! gorgeous