Saturday, August 29, 2009

Men with Locs....that also flow

When I first went natural, I was a serious "nappy head". I tapped in my 'inner soul-sista'. I rocked Black power t-shirts and joined the Black Student Union. While in college, I even took a class called Black Radical Thought. Seriously the BEST class in my entire undergraduate career.

But anyway....I took on the role of the "stereotypical nappy head". I eventually matured and realized that I was doing a lot of those things just to appear more "Black". Some of y'all ain't gon understand that but I'll do into detail about that one day. It's a complicated subject really. LOL!

But one thing that stuck with me in my transformation was the love I developed for poetry. I've been a poet since I was a kid. I was even in poetry contests. But it really hit me again in college. I don't write it much anymore but I have a great appreciation for avid poet flow-ers.

Especially the ones that have locs.


I And then there's Dana Gilmore who is AMAZIIIIING!!!


But yeah, poetry is dope.


KinksandcoilS said...

Brittany, I believe you and I were in the same class. It was with Dr. Duke. It's funny, I always say that was one of the best classes I ever took.

B said...

OMG, I looooooved that class!!