Thursday, October 15, 2009

Loc Style: Twistdown!

So while I was in Atlanta (okay, I'm like re-obsessed with that city---if it wasn't 6.5 hrs away, I'd be there every weekend) I hung out with my homie who has like....14-16 inch long locs. about a loc idol. His locs are SO beautiful. And so long and healthy. He had me braid them down to the end of his head. I twisted the ends with his own locs and let the rest hang.

Anyway, it came out beautiful. Of course I felt all accomplished that I did a hot look but I also felt inspired to do somethin' funky to my hair. I think it turned out pretty good. I think it is both work appropriate and boho-chic. So me!! I did braids on my friend's locs but did twists on mine.

It's supposed to be FIVE twists but somehow it doesn't look that way. HA!

My parting job could use some work though......

Cheering for my team. Go Bulls!!

So yeah....that's that.

I'm doing this style more often. And oh..I celebrated 10 months a few days ago. Post coming soon!

Peace and loc'v..


Amina said...

I looooove the style!!!
your locs have come a long way