Monday, November 2, 2009

LocRocker on AOL's Black Voices

Check out the fabulous article my girl Afrobella wrote.... Team Natural corner you have...ME!

I've gotten so many emails from people cyber-cursing me out over my distaste over weave and relaxers. Whatever man. I believe in freedom and will never judge people for doing what THEY want to do. Life is short and I'm more about making people feel good about themselves than going back and forth with hair drama. I have never attacked anyone for wearing a weave or perm. Neither online or in person. It just isn't that serious to me. But I also feel that since this is my blog, that I can say whatever I want to say.

So to the Black women who want to argue with me about hair, let's channel that energy to something that actually, uh...matters. Like our progression and knowing our self worth.

LocRocker will stay open minded. I can talk freely about perms, weaves, jheri curls and all without insulting (not that I ever did....). BUT, I will talk about natural hair all day because uh....this is a natural hair blog and that's what I have. And those that don't like it....oh well.

Can't please er'one, can we?

Rock on!


NubianLockedPrincess said...

Why would anyone leave any comment on a hair blog that is geared towards natural hair? Most of my girlfriends are permed. They know how I feel about chemicals. They compliment my hair and do the same as well. At the end of the day, it`s not that serious. We have better things to talk about than our hair. It`s a frame of mind and a preference!