Friday, February 12, 2010

What that straight hair I see?

First of all, let's talk about the awesomeness that is 'locs that managed to stay twisted for almost 2 weeks'...


Pretty awesome, right? I took this pictures right before I washed my hair. I didn't WANT to wash it but my hair was terribly itchy. I'm trying to get out of the habit of washing so much. Some folx wash their their locs like every 2-3 weeks and I don't know, I don't feel the need to wash THAT often. Even though I want to. Maybe I'll do that when my locs are more mature.

Insane how well a style can last despite my daily hot and sweaty work-outs. I can't wait to get another style when I go to the loctician. And I'm so glad to be back to palm rolling.

But check this out, do eyes deceive me? Is this bloody straight hurr?

Oh hells nah..two strands?

How in the world? A friend of mine once told me that perms can permanently damage hair follicles. Or somethin' like that. Yeah, that makes sense and all but I ain't have a perm in 5 years. And I know that we all have different hair textures growing all over the hair but come on....bone straight hair?

Earthquakes in Illinois. Snow in Florida. Straight hair in my locs. Ain't that 'bout a bih?

Anywhoovers...after washing my hair I put in some perm rod rollers.

After taking them out I didn't fluff the curls so I've been walking around with a old Hollywood (wait...I doubt there were Black actresses with locs back them) style. Kinda cute if I do say so myself. I will show pictures of that in my 14 month loc update post.

That's right...the locs will be 14 months tomorrow. I was going to stop doing monthly loc updates but some of y'all were loosing sleep over the thought (lmao, I jest) so I'll just do updates every 2 months, mkay?


Unknown said...

Locks are looking good. Yeah tell me about straight hair strands. I have them to. (thats why its taking forever for my locks to lock 2 yrs 3 months) I hear that our hair texture changes every 7 years. I think when I turn 60 or so I'll have all straight hair. Lol!!! Straight hair is considered bad hair for locks :)

~Just BLESS~ said...

Ha!! Girl can you imagine what would happen if every single Black Woman would let their hair "be"?! Egads! I would be a sight for sore eyes that's for sure. I'd love it!!!

Anywho...your hair is coming along maaaarvuhlusssssly <----that's my attempt at an Eartha Kitt impression. LOL Beautiful!

EmberRose said...

I keep trying to tell folks the world is in a little handbasket but folks ain't trying to hear me.....

B said...

rmcandelight---> Every 7 years? Really? That's interesting! I don't want straight hair. Noooo!!!!

Just Bless---> Thank you, lovely!! LOL, that Eartha Kitt impression made me smile. Marcus darliiiiing!

EmberRose---> I hears ya!