Friday, April 30, 2010

Natural Entreprenuers: Rachel Stewart

Lawd, I can't believe I haven't bragged about Rachel Stewart yet. I remember first finding her site from Clutch Mag and falling in love. Like does someone's online presence radiate like that? I really want to be her friend in real life because she seems THAT dope. And the sista is talented. The gorgeous headband that I am rocking was made by her. Check out her blog here for other beautiful pieces of jewelry and hair wear. Tell her B from LocRocker sent you.

And if you're bored enough, you can check out the video where I sported my Rachel Stewart.

Don't fret, I mention her in the first minute of the video so you don't have to sit and listen to my rambling about a mascara. I know er'body ain't a beauty nut like me. :)

You go, Rachel! Will continue to support and brag about you all day long!


Foxy not-so Brown said...

I see you.

B said...

Hollers!! Lawd, yo fro is giving me life right now. LIFE!!

Mrs. Honey Dip said...

I SO love her!! She is so pretty. I have a little girl crush on her. ;)
I haven't purchased anything from her yet but I'm thinking about getting a Mothers Day gift for MYSELF!! I want the jewelry.