Saturday, April 10, 2010

Quick shots at the hair show...

If you follow me on Twitter, you've probably already seen a lot of these. I will do a formal review with tons of photos but until then, here are some "off the dome" thoughts.

-Seriously, the BEST show I've been too. There was so much love and falling in love with each other hair styles.

-Sooooo many loc rockers. All kinds of locs, locs on kids, locs on Grandmamas, short locs, long locs, yarn locs, curly locs, free form locs, thick locs, Sisterlocks...locs galore!

-I love how the show covered all naturals: loc'ers, kinky haired folx, naturals who wear wigs/weaves, naturals who straighten their hair, etc.

-I asked my homie to come me and take pictures (little did he know that I was using him b/c of my obsession with his locs) and he practically stole the show. People kept stopping us wanting to take pics of his hair. He was even asked to be a hair model for one of the shows. -side eye- His locs ain't THAT hot. Hahahaaa!

-Many of the vendors came from all over. I even saw the natural hair salon from my hometown, Tallahassee. This show attracts salons, jewelers and natural hair product makers from all over.

-The attendance was the same. I met folx from Virginia, Wisconsin and even Orlando! Crazy how I met people who live in the same city as me in another city!

....more to come. In the meantime, start making arrangements to attend next year. This is a MUST ATTEND show, y'all. I'm not playin'. It is amaziiiing!
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ithbai said...

My daughter & I volunteered @ the show & was thinking the same thing...Locs Galore! Made my heart sooo proud! My camera was on the fritz so no visual memories. I got a great deal on shea butter so many mths of moisturized hair ahead.

Brittany, give ur friend his prompts...his locs DO look pretty damn good!

Amina said...

I'll be there next year!! Your friend's locs are beautiful!!!

Bsquared86 said...

huh? what were you saying? I was too busy staring at your friends locs to finish reading! LOL I kid, I kid.

Wow, the show seemed awesome! I wish something like this would come to SoCal :(.

I want that shirt! OMGoodness!

Unknown said...

Is this the natual hair show in Atlanta? If so, My daughter and I usually go every year but, unfortunately we missed it this year :(

I know you had fun. It's something different about be with a crowd of natural folks. It's a good feeling:)

ReDwOoD said...

i will be there today! its the last day of the show!

Patricia Fleming said...

All I want to know is where you got that shirt from...

Stace` said...

i love your hair i just started my locs and your pics give me inspiration thanks :)