Monday, August 30, 2010

Making Black Cocoa Butter shampoo

O.M.G...I had a BALL at the Natural Beauty Lab event this past weekend. I met so many wonderful ladies. In fact, I'll be linking with them again this weekend for the Tom Joyner Family Reunion Expo. The Peace and Beauty Project will have a booth and I'll be helping out where needed.

I fell in love with the mission of Peace and Beauty Project when I saw the founder, Karen, present at one of my Urban League Young Professionals meetings. Karen's passion for helping young girls and natural beauty fell in line with so many of the things that I am trying to do. I feel so blessed to have crossed paths with her.

Anywhoovers...the event was a HUGE hit. I tried to live tweet but was too busy havin' fun making my own goodies. The first thing we blended was a Black Cocoa Butter shampoo.

Girl, smells and feels as good as it looks. We started off with unscented castile soap.

We then funneled a bit of black cocoa butter. Karen mentioned that finding black cocoa butter has been very hard for her. If y'all know of a retailer, please let me know.

We dumped in some aloe vera...

And at this point, we were able to scent it however we liked. Cocoa Absolute was a huge hit among most of the ladies.

....I ventured more to the mint essential oil, instead.  I just LOVE how mint feels on my scalp.

And ba =m! A homemade organic black cocoa butter shampoo...

I haven't washed my hair yet (ironically I washed it the day before, womp!) but the next time that I do, I will be using this. Can't. wait. In the meantime, I've been using it as a hand soap and has been leaving my hands incredibly smooth...a rarity when you use castile soap solo.

We made other products but I don't think I took enough pictures of everything. I volunteered to be photographer but somewhere between laughing it up with everyone, live tweeting and mixing, I forgot.

Also in the house was Ortancis from The Orlando's Natural Hair meetup group and Fara from Pure Essence Body Care. I've raved about Pure Essence before when I discovered them at Whole Foods' farmers market. And Fara's locs...O.M.G. I'll be featuring her soon.

If you are in or around the greater Orlando area, please let me know as the Peace and Beauty Project will be having more events. And did I tell you about Orlando's 1st Beauty and Natural Hair show? That's a post for another day but I am beyond excited.

In the meantime, y'all go and whip you up a shampoo.

I'll be reblogging this over at Clumps of Mascara. I have to share this good information with the Clumps fam too!


Kimperfektion said...

Sounds like a great mixture! Can't wait to hear the results of your wash...may have to try this one!

The Woman Undone said...

Please do let us know about the Natural hair & beauty get together. And find out if it is kid friendly, I want to expose my kids to the community cause all they see is straight blonde hair all day. It'll be great for them to see more people that love their hair and skin and completely understand their journey.

~Just BLESS~ said...

I have what may be a "light bulb off" question: Is Black Cocoa Butter the same thing as Black Soap?

The Peace & Beauty Project said...

I had a BLAST!!!!! Black Cocoa Butter is made with by the maceration of roasted cocoa pods. This is probably the smoothest, most rich and creamy butter I have ever used. LOVE IT!!!!