Friday, October 8, 2010

Bad Hair Color, Good Attitude

Welp, I'm done pouting. Extended pouting ain't in me. I'm the oldest of 4 girls and haven't been babied since I was...gee, I don't know...5. And I'm a thug. And us thugs don't stay down for long.

Hahaaaa!!! I'm kidding but really what I mean is, the color isn't bothering me AS much anymore. I mean, I still don't like it but you all's advice was a HUGE help in that. I mean, HUGE! I was thisclose to either bleaching or going darker up top. I am not going to do either right now. I'm going to keep my locs moisturized and in good condition and not do anything for a month. I told my REAL loctician what happened and I could hear the sorrow in her voice. I'll be seeing her as soon as I get back from the Blogalicious conference. But thank you guys SO much for the confidence and advice. A sista was really down.

In the meantime, to make myself feel better, I did a hair do and wore an obnoxiously big bow.

That bow and bangles are by Quelley Rue Designs. They go hard, uh? If you order from her, tell her B sent you. Me + Supporting Etsy stores=all day.

The style was simple. 2 flat twists and bam....

And is it sheer irony that the world's best loctician colorist Thierry Baptist just HAPPENED to appear in my Facebook suggestions yesterday? Who knows.

I'm late on responding to emails due to traveling but I see them and I'm on it!

Love y'all!


Bsquared86 said...

You are too fly for words . . . even with a dye job that you don't enjoy, lol. Remember that!

Oh, and that bow made me smile! I want one!

new2locs said...

Even though you don't like your color....YOU'RE ROCKING IT!!!!!

yummy411 said...

those bracelets are fire!