Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I accidentally colored my hair. Again.

Well, not really. I didn't WANT to color them. Well, that's a lie too. I DID want to color them but knew I shouldn't. But there's something about summer-like weather that makes me feel like I should go lighter. Dark brown hair is just...I don't know. Expected and boring on me.

 I took it easy and only lightened up the front half of my hair. It's minimal but I am loving the difference! Goes perfect with the beach tan. Haaaayyyy!!

And I don't even know why I spent the time retwisting and curling my locs knowing good and well I'll be back at the beach this weekend for some boogie boarding and body surfing.

Oh wells. I suppose they'll look good for 6 days or so. I also want to do something extra funky for the World Natural Hair show. Clearly adding more color isn't an option but I want a super awesome and unique style. Hmm....I'm thinking of spray painting a few locs vibrant purple and pink. You know....with some non-toxic hair color spray. I'm also thinking about getting my nose pierced for the THIRD time and getting a hoop. I am obviously tapping into my inner-rocker girl.

And in random news, it's been a whole SIX years since I've been perm-free. That's kinda awesome considering I was insanely depended on the creamy crack.

Don't miss ya, creamy crack.
And sho ain't comin' back.

Love y'all,