Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Huetiful Hair Steamer for locs

It's a shame that I'm just now realizing that I have NOT done a review for the Huetiful hair steamer for LocRocker. I posted the review on Clumps of Mascara but totally forgot to share it with my uh...HAIR blog. Is this what having 2 kids is like? You forget to pay attention to one from time to time?

I jest, I jest. My Mom had two kids and showed both of us (especially me...her favorite, lol) plenty of attention.

So here it is...the Huetiful hair steamer review for locs. As of May 10, 2011, this is the most complete and thorough review of this steamer for loc'd hair. *pops collar* Just thought you'd like to know that.

Carry on...

Call me loca but I've never heard of a hair steamer until I saw natural hair bloggers posting about Huetiful's.
Now let's set this straight, doll babies. I only know what works for my hair type. And my hair type is pretty specific. I am brown girl with loc'd hair. My review will be based on my kind of hair only. Can the Huetiful work on other hair types? I wouldn't doubt it but I've only seen reviews of it by women of color with relaxed and natural hair.

For starters, what's the point of a hair steamer and why would anyone need to use it?
The Huetiful was designed specifically for curly and wavy hair. Its claims are what drove me to act like a giddy 5-year old in anticipation until it found its way in my house. It claims to reduce dandruff, help open up hair cuticles to allow conditioner to moisturize inner layers of the hair shaft and enhances hair dyeing and pigmentation process. As a sista who suffers from dandruff, could use more moisture in my locs AND colors my hair frequently,  I found myself to be a great candidate for the steamer.
It was actually very easy to put together.
Even for a I'm too lazy to read directions so this better work kinda gal like myself. It only comes with 3 parts (the facial attachment makes 4). What makes Huetiful stand apart from other hair steamers in the ozone feature; which, helps kill the bacteria that can lead to dandruff. Once you press the Ozone flip UP, the steam turns into ozone and does its magic My scalp thanks you, Huetiful.
Pretty cool, uh? I added a few drops of peppermint and rosemary essential oils in my water for a therapeutic effect which made for a pleasant 20 minutes of sitting under the steamer.
Honestly...my scalp has become spoiled and craves the streamer every few weeks. My dandruff doesn't seem to flare up AS much and my locs feel softer. Which, you know, says a lot since locs are usually hard. With having colored over 5 times, I could use every extra bit of moisture that I can get.
And we won't even get on the facial attachment.
I mean, although it took me 10 minutes to figure it out (it wasn't in the directions...boo!) my sinuses and pores absolutely loved it!
Is the Huetiful Hair Steamer a must have for women with locs? 
It runs for $114 so it's definitely a luxury buy. One, that I think a lot of us loc'd ladies will find only enhances our at-home hair care regimens. Especially those of us with dandruff. Because it doesn't show immediate results, I think with prolonged use, it will keep my dandruff at bay. Or at least under control. And although I don't use creamy conditioners (currently playing around with leave-in homemade ones and Infusium 23), I find that allowing the condish to sink into my locs after a good steam makes all of the difference in terms of super soft locs.

I don't recommend the Huetiful with ladies and gents whose locs are in their infancy. Especially if you are a loc rocker who started off with comb coils. The steam may prematurely unravel your locs and although your scalp will feel rejuvenated, you may be a little unhappy at the afro which were once baby locs. Waiting until your locs can handle regular hair washings without unraveling is your best.
Yeah mon.
I hope Huetiful works diligently with trying to work out international orders. I can just hear a silent hiss from my UK and Canadian readers. Yes loves, you won't be able to get your hands on the Huetiful. Not yet but they are working on it.
Mop Top Maven gives a dynamic review of how to assemble the steamer. I think it works wonders on the curl/kinky hair girls of the world and I am proud to say that yes, it works on locs too! 
What do you think? Think your crown could use some steamin'? To find out more about the Huetiful hair steamer, stroll by the site and visit their Facebook page. They've got a nice community of 23,000+ fans and regularly post how-to videos and reviews from other bloggers. Loves it!

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