Friday, June 3, 2011

Looking for a loctician? How are their locs lookin'?

One of my favorite loc rockin' guys (hey Brandon!) and I were tweeting the other day and he was telling me how he ran into a loctician that offered her services to him. The problem? Her locs were a hot mess.

One of the reasons why I selected LaTonya as my loctician is because of how gorgeous HER locs looked. Although I had already made the decision to loc up, checkin' out her gorgeous and healthy lookin' locs only reconfirmed my decision. If she can take care of her locs like that, I KNOW she'll take care of mine.

Stunning right?  That hair color of hers is making me weak. Loves it! I stole borrowed these from her Facebook Fan page. If you intend to pass these along, please source Estah Locs & Haircare. Nothing makes me more sad than the passing along of pictures and articles without sourcing.

Which brings me to another point....I think I'm going to start watermarking my photos. Hmm...