Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Loc Spotlight: Paula's locs celebrate 2 years!

I know. I am an absolute horrible loc rockin' natural hair blogger. Just wretched, I know. But enough about me and my e-ghostness when it comes to blogging. I should have featured the lovely Paula months ago (you know, like in June)  but I totally forgot. I have updated her stats from when she first sent them to me but check out her beautiful locs.

June 7th, my locs turned 2 years old.  I only use oil. No butters, creams or waxes. I use Pure by The Natural You which is my line.

I shampoo once weekly and deep cleanse using my liquid black soap bi-weekly. I condition with every shampoo and I do a conditioning rinse at least once a week or when I feel necessary( mostly when its hot and in Florida and that's all the time).

Since starting my locs I combined almost everyone of them by interlocking completely down the loc. I hate the 2 headed dragons. I started coloring my hair after my first year and I have been hooked every since. I do this now about once every 3 months or more and only to my roots.

I use the latching or interlocking method to maintain my locs and I have since decided to only latch every 6 months.

Since 2008, I have been on a natural high. Locing my hair was a natural progression (no pun intended...sike!!!). I always wanted to loc but as a stylist of 20 years I didn't know how my clientel would take as I had no plans to become a natural stylist at that time.

In 2009, I felt it was all about me being the best me I could inside and out, so here I am. Now I won't say because I am natural that everyone should be or if you are not something is wrong with you, I am just the opposite. I believe that natural beauty comes from within, and how I wear my hair has nothing to do with my beauty. I'm just as beautiful with a mane of locs or a bald head:)

I love my locs I love how they feel between my fingers I touch them constantly.  I love my hair. Nothing more nothing less.....