Friday, December 23, 2011

I brushed my locs!

Okay...before I get started with this post, I don't want y'all to think I came up with the "brushing of the locs" idea. Several loc'ers do this and I just happen to be another one that is jumping on the bandwagon.

While I have found brushing my locs and scalp to be a heavenly experience, I wouldn't recommend it to everyone. Especially to those who are super anal about the lines in their scalps. Considering I'm a part-time freeformer who could care less about straight lines, brushing works GREAT for me. Although I've heard about the concept for awhile, I don't know what inspired me to actually purchase a brush. I was roaming around in Sally Beauty Supply one day and just scooped one up.

 Speaking of brushes - do you know it's been over THREE years since I've felt one on my head? That's a long time yo. Long long time. That said, I forgot how wonderful a soft bristled brush can feel. Lawd. It's like heaven, y'all. Heaven. When I purchased said brush I made sure it wasn't too rough 'n tough. I didn't want to risk my locs snagging.

After washing the locs one morning, I brushed the scalp and gently brushed some locs.

It felt divine. It felt like a much needed scalp massage. So much so that I didn't want to stop. Brushing is the bomb dot com. Fo reals.

-It feels amaziiiiiing on the scalp.
-It's a nice little treat for your locs.

-Can damage baby locs or those with looser textures. I wouldn't even consider this idea until your locs have completely matured.
-May disrupt loc lines on scalp.

I'm not sure what the benefits are brushing the locs. It's really the scalp that I like to focus on. I usually like to spray a bit of water on my scalp before brushing and get to it.

So yeah. That's that, y'all. Have you ever brushed your locs? Or would you?


MsFVJ said...

Yes it feels devine. My locitican uses a brush when she washes my locs, my eyes roll in the back of my head. The brush along with the minty shampoo is almost orgasmic. I think I will brush my loc's tonight to see if its the same feeling . Thanks B for reminding me of the brush. Happy Holidays :-)