Sunday, December 21, 2008

Day 8 Update & Frustrations

So it has officially been 8 days since my comb coils. Only 8 days. *sucks teeth*

Tracking this journey will be harder than I thought b/c each update will remind me how many more months and years I have until I get mature locs. It is extremely frustrating to say the least and I can honestly say that...I am not happy with my hair right now.

I mean look at it.

It's a mess. It don't look "neat". I understand the process that the hair has to go through and I know those desiring locs are going to go through that "phase" but this is out of control
My ugly phase came sooner than I thought. I've got coils unraveling, dandruff in the front and fuzzy hair all over. I look a mess.

I was feeling so discouraged yesterday that I went to visit my loctician. She took one look at me and said I looked fine. "WHAAAAT?" I cried, "Do you see these coils?!" She smiles at me and gently tells me that there is nothing wrong with my hair. This coming from a lady who has the most beautiful locs in her head. I should have taken a picture of them yesterday. She had a coin in one of her locs! A friend gave her a Japanese coin...she puts a hole in it and puts it in her hair. Amazing!!

...she shows me how to re-twist the unraveling coils and tells me to calm down. Which I found...and am still finding to be a challenge. But she soothed me. And made me feel beautiful again.

"So can I get them re-twisted next week?" She laughs and tells me that she doesn't want to do my hair until 4 weeks after the coils were done. I moan and groan and promise that I WILL be stopping by again before I head to Atlanta for my birthday.

She tells me to come by any time.

Next time I will bring her a gift....this lady is starting to become more than just a hair dresser or stylist but some kind of divine presence in my life..I can't even explain it.

Here's the mess that I call my hair right now.

The pictures actually make them look better. They look far worse in person. I've been using those silver clips to hold the re-twisted coils. They hurt like hell so I plan on using bobby pins instead.

I'm also seriously thinking about wearing scarves/hats for the next 3 weeks. I'm so not kidding. I am a little embarrassed at my hair at this point. My facial feminity relies on perfect brows and bangin' make-up since my hair obviously ain't helpin' me out. Kinda like this:

I figured that highlighting my eyes and cheekbones would take away from the messy hair. HA! I thought growing locs would be easy but And it's only been 1 week. I'm laughing at myself because my thoughts are similar to the thoughts I had when I first BCed. I pretty much hated my hair for the first month.

I should have saved my money and gotten sisterlocks.

Ah well..hopefully I can hang in there. :)

Peace and loc've.


The Pretty Brown Girl said...

Britt, girl. You look fabulous. So does your hair. You do need to calm it on down a bit! Stop panicking! The good thing about locs is 95% of the people looking @ you cannot tell if you're having a bad hair day. Keep rockin', Sis, you are doing just fine! :)

Unknown said...

Aww, girl! You look beautiful! I agree with Pretty Brown Girl. All of my friends who have locs had an "akward" stage at the very beginning. I know you are going to not only rock this style, but are going to find new tips and tricks that you are going to share with your readers and continue to be fabulously you.

Love this new blog! :)

Amina said...

hey B,
I also think that your coils look great!! there's no ugly's just the beauty of seeing our hair alive, evolving, being beautiful!!!
I might retwist sooner than expected but i'll just do a few....
i am actually looving the fuzz :)
hang in there :)
in case you prefer sisterlocks, it's not too late... hugs

D. said...

I guess it's hard for you, but you just have to concentrate on the result. and I honestly don't think you look that bad, you're imagining it looks better on the photos - it looks fine!! Just chill out :)

DivaAngel2009 said...

Brit, gurl stop your stress'n you & your hair look wonderful!!! I agree with the other post, just do you.

Atiyah said...

I see I have to step in at one of your loctors(locs+mentor=loctor) Your hair is fine...You will have some days when you hate the look and then some days you will love it!!!. Heck I have only been at it a year and 1 month and its days when I still hate my hair. In the long run it will be all worth it. Think about the time you save in the morning just getting up and going.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused!!! You look adorable!!! Your locks look great!!!

If this is one of your bad got it good!!!

Tamar said...

Doesnt everyone feel crazy about hair at one point? This was a very brave choice thatyou made and I think that you can see it thru to the end! I thought I was going to see something horrible! I think they are prettier now that before!

Can you use some sort of scalp cleaner for you scalp? I like the one by African Pride I use it for mmy braids!Oh and what is sisterlocks?

KiKiB said...

its a shame that we are always so overly critical of ourselves. because looking at u....all i see if beautiful britt. but isnt it annoying when u feel funny about ur appearence and others look at u and say "u look fine girl."? it's almost condensending, like u dont have a reason to feel how u do about YOUSELF. lmaoooo. i love u, and dont look fine....u look DEVINE!!