Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The First Post!

This makes my third blog and I am excited about it! I will be tracking my journey to achieve beautiful locs!

I don't have them yet but I had my consultation today with my loctician and I am in loooove her locs. And her style. She had me extremely comfortable and had she had the time, I would have asked her to loc me up TODAY. I want them now!

She ran her fingers through my hair and marveled at how beautiful my texture was. Which, of course, made me feel good.

She told me that I would have no problem locing up.

My only concern was my work-out regime. I work out everyday and my head sweats. She reassured that it may be tougher for me but that as long as I keep the hair tied down, then I should be okay.

Check out my loctician's webpage HERE. Ain't she bad?

I'm getting them done on Saturday. I will definitely post pictures!!

HERE is the link to my first hair blog. I tracked my journey from when I went from a perm to the beautiful nappy hair that I have now.


Amina said...

omg! i am so excited for you!!
can't wait for Saturday post

Bella said...

Luvz it!!!

ANGELINA said...

Your loctician is bad (in a good way lol)! Her site made me want to loc up. I'm so excited to see your transformation!

Drunk or Sober Mind yuh Bizness said...

Good Luck on your journey. Patience will be learnt. And you will appreciate and love your hair much more during the process.