Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 28 Updates

Wow, in 2 days it will officially be a month!! Time flies!

(((((The rundown)))))

It's been the same! I have been cleansing my scalp with SeaBreeze (just a Q-tip soaked in it) to combat the itchiness. scalp is insanely itchy but the SeaBreeze is keeping it at bay. I massage hair oil in my scalp at night and wear a satin night scarf to bed. Every morning when I work out, I wear my head band to keep my sweat from soaking the coils. If I notice some coils uncoiling, I use aloe vera gel to gently re-twist them.


Dandruff. It's out of control. Insane. Crazy! I've had problems with dandruff before and this is one thing I can not figure out how to get under control. I do everything---drink tons of water, eat my vegetables, take vitamins, put moisture in my scalp....what's the problem? I'm purchasing some tea tree oil today to see if this can alleviate the problem.

Not really a problem per se but it bothers me because I feel like my hair still looks messy and un-kept. For the most part, I just deal with it but I found myself turning down some social activities just because I didn't feel like my hair looked good enough to be "out and about". I know, I know...that's bad but I can't help it. I understand that my hair is going through a process but until these fuzzies get under control, my social life will have to be put on hold. <--not that THAT will be hard. I know like 3 people in this city! Coils uncoiling. *sigh* This is so frustrating. The hair on the back on my head is so soft. I almost can't stand it. It just won't stay in tact. I've gotten over that too. I'm learning to just "not care" and let my hair do it's on thang.


Compliments. In Atlanta, at least 4 people told me they liked my hair. WHAT? Who woulda thunk? Here I am thinkin' I look like a mess and people are complimenting me. Of course they were all nappy heads and probably remembered their journey BUT the point is....I guess I need to chill and realize that I don't...look....that...bad.

The men like! Um male friends are lovin' the baby locs. Which is a huge deal for me. Especially since I've been feeling mildly unattractive. My boys seem to really love the hair. Although Mr. Crass did say that I looked better with the huuuuge afro. *scoffs* He's just mad that my locs will be just as fly as his. :)

New growth. That's a huge plus for anyone tracking their hair journey, uh? I feel a ton of new growth. Which I almost to be expected because my hair has always grown pretty fast.

I know this is a THICK post but I wanted to update yall with as much as I could. Now on to the pictures.

I'm gettin' there, I'm gettin' there.... I'll post again when I find out the date for my next hair appointment. Maybe my loctician will let me post a picture of her locs. *crosses fingers*

I leave for D.C. (Inauguration bound!!!) next Saturday so I am hoping she can get me in this weekend at the very earliest. OMG, if she can get me in like....Friday, I will be excited! I'll have a fresh new do and ready to see Obama---along with the other 29 trillion people too. HA!

Peace and Loc've.


Miss.Stefanie said...

Love the hair still!

Amina said...

i think it looks fine!!
fuzzies are normal :)
for the dandruff, have you tried herbal rinses?

Natural Hair Rules!!! said...

Hey again! Check out my hair journey on my blog I think you'll like it.

Be Blessed

Anonymous said...

Looking GORGEOUS as usual mama, your hair looks fantastic and trust me, the fuzzies aren't noticeable to those of us who have no clue about the loc process.

That new growth is amazing though, I had no clue your hair grew that fast! That is definitely noticeable =D

Anonymous said...

Your locks look darn good! The fuzzies are normal and for some they never go away....nothing a grooming can't take care of though.

Your hair does grow fast..phew...

Keep lookin good.

Wes said...

Wow that month flew by. I've often heard that the locing process can be a tough one- hang in there. From the looks of things, they're gonna be gorgeous when they finally loc up.

Unknown said...

Locs looking good. The fuzzies are part of the process. I'm one year and I still have the fuzzies. My locks in the nape area are finally not coming undone anymore. Boy talk about being frustrated. I thought that they would never lock. Keep your head up.

SanguineBliss said...

Your hair looks great!!

As people stated earlier, the fuzzies are part of the process and as far as the hair at your nape locing, it'll just take a little longer. The hair back there is softer and since a lot of us sleep on our backs we often shift the hair around back there more often...but I think you're looking good thus far.

I've had my locs for seven year (old photo) and I never looked back.

B said...

Miss. Stefanie--> Thank you, love.

Amina--> Nooo, I have not tried any rinses. I didn't even do that when I was napptural. Man, what am I thinking? I still have nettle sittin' in my room too. *sigh*

Naturally Beautifully Me!--> We're linked and I looove your blog. Thanks for the love!!

gg--> You're a doll. Thanks, babes. I'm going to write a post about "the loc process" and how to help others who aren't going through it understand.

MeikMeika--> Yesss!! Getting your confirmation means so much to me!

Wes--> Thank you!!! Ohmigoodness...those curls!

rmcandlelight--> A year later! Mannnn. I'm just being extra. I know they aren't THAT bad. :)

SanguineBliss-> Another inspiration! Thanks for poppin' in!!

Missy said...

I'm in ATL also....where do you go?

Amina said...'s okay
aveda has an anti dandruff serum. I've never tried it but heard great reviews about it...maybe they can hook you up with a sample...

Anonymous said...

i like it... Theres nothing wrong with it.. but then again if it was me i'll be having a fit lol.