Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Myth #1 about Locs

One of my best beauty bloggin' friends/sister, Kia over at Yummy 411 and I were chattin' and she gave me the idea to start a "Myth" segment. As I continue my journey I am going to dish out some myths about locs. Many that I didn't even know!

Here's #1:

You can't wash your hair for 2-7 months.
This will interrupt the locing process.

I actually believed this. I thought that washing my hair would make my locs un-loc and I would be left with a fro of a mess. NOT TRUE! Of course it depends on your texture, but I am learning that it is okay to treat your hair like your normally would. And that means washing it on a regular basis. Plus you have to! I don't even want to think out how funky (as in smell) my hair would be if I didn't wash it for a few months.

And the dandruff factor.....hells no.

In fact, it wasn't until I was natural that I understood that it was okay for Black people to wash their hair more than 2 times a month. When I was perming I rarely washed my hair. As a natural....I was washing it at least twice a week. Huge difference!

....I'll drop the next myth in the coming posts.

Peace and loc've


Anonymous said...

So true!!!

Amina said...

so true!! I washed and conditioned my hair two days after i twisted it....
can myth 2 be about conditioner?
so many folks were horrified that i use conditioner and i am like...euh...eventually it will loc..
since locking ,i haven't changed much from my loose hair routine

random said...

I never heard that one. I wonder if this myth is true that to take the locs out, you have to cut them off.

Bsquared86 said...

Biggest myth of them all! I wash my locs every two weeks and washed it in the first week after starting them. Cleanliness is necessary to keep a healthy scalp and hair, IMO. And actually, I've learned that washing is helping my locs mature and not harboring them.

And in response to the sista about cutting locs off in order to take them out-- somepeople do, somepeople don't. I've seen tons of pictures and videos showing folks picking their locs out with a ton of conditioner, comb/pin, and lots of time. It can be done. Alot of folks just skip the hassle and cut them. It's really up to the person.

Miss.Stefanie said...

If I had locs...I'd look crazy--

I have a picture to prove it

Unknown said...

Very, very true! Being natural has been the best decision i've ever made regarding my hair. I love washing my locs, and i laugh when strangers look on in awe when I shop for shampoos and conditioners. They always ask, "you can wash those?" to which i reply, "of course! its hair! I wash it as much as I like." Gotta love locks and natural hair!