Wednesday, March 18, 2009

3 Months-4th re-twisting

I know, I know....I haven't done an update in 34 years. But I'm back!

The locs have turned 3 months old on March 14. Yay!!! Somehow I feel like they should be older than that considering I have one loc that is COMPLETELY loc'd but whatev. LOL!

No really...this loc is a serious loc.

Before I took my trip to Los Angeles, I re-twisted my hair. I am getting better at palm rolling (I'll go into details about how to do that later). Every time I twist my hair, I can't help but think how easy it is. It will be HARD going back to my loctician simply because I am saving a good $80 every time I do my own hair.

Not that those $80 ain't worth it. I mean....yall know how much I treasure the hair appointments.

But until I can find the time and money, I will be doing some DIY twisting.

Like I did last time, I used Dr. Bonner's Magic Soaps (aka castille soap) in Peppermint. I really like this stuff. The peppermint tingles my scalp and I feel like I get a really good cleanse.

What that hair touching my neck. Heyyyy!!

This sounds wild but I like my hair more when it's wet. The locs are just so plump and beautiful.

Sans the white soapy-ness. And look, my hair is actually falling now.

I'm lovin' it! But what I'm not loving are the locs in the back of my head. They are just too annoyingly soft. They will not loc.

But will they stay twisted during a wash? Yes! And at the end of the day....that's all that matters.

I ended up having to wash a second time because I had so much build-up. As much as I wanted to condition my hair, I didn't. I read somewhere that conditioner can make baby locs fall. Definitely don't want that. I used condish the last time and didn't have any problems but I didn't want to get into the habit of using it.


I am cracking up at the locs that decided to run to my forehead....very bang-like.

And then I sat down and twisted for a good 2 hours. This time around I used a butter from Darcy's Botanicals. I love her Etsy shop. (thanks Amina!) I'll be reviewing that product as well. As much as I loved the smell, I didn't feel like it "held" my locs enough when I palm roll-ed. So I went from using that to using my homemade aloe vera gel/shea butter/olive oil mix.

The finished product!

I pinned each and every one down and sat under the dryer for 10 minutes. They looked absolutely perfect. Who is this person? 3 months ago.

This is a drive-by post and once I finally get settled I will get to posting some more on the locs, my concerns, products and controversial topics.....yall know how I am.

And soon is TOO soon to be coloring the locs? It wouldn't work with the profession I am in right now but I am itchin' to go red. Don't give me the side eye. I've been purple and orange before so I think I can handle a little red.


Peace and loc've.


Mischo Beauty said...

You better work it out! This is blog #2? Go girl! Your hair looks good! :)

Sass said...

awww your locs are beautiful!! you got great growth too. go on now!!

MzBrowneyez901 said...

Awww. How Cute!! You are one of my hair-spirations. I'm trying to work up the nerve to the "BC" but it just gone take a lil' bit more time. Love BOTH your blogs!


Amina said...

you look amaaazing!!
oh yes the vanilla creme won't have much hold but it is great for moisturizing and doesn't cause any build up..

Miss.Stefanie said...


Anonymous said...

I'm still trippin over how fast your hair is growing!!! I know what you mean about the locs being more plump after you wash them..

Don't worry about the rebel locs at the moment. The average person locs within the first 3 months to a year so you're on the right track..

B said...

Thanks ladies!

Bsquared86 said...

Woot! Lovin the locbabies! They're really, really growing lol.

I've been itching to color too! I've got some Herbatint Natural Hair Colour sitting on my dresser right now, hesistant b/c some of my loc'd buddies warned me that dying too early can loosen my curl/harbor loc'ing. But, I suppose a milder dye wouldn't do that so much? It's so confusing! lol

If you hear anything , let me know! I can just see myself rocking some color this summer! lol

Oh, if you think the buildup is coming from your retwist mix, add a bit more AVG to dillute the sheabutter (which may be building up). You want it to be light in consistency but still have hold. Or even add a little AVG to Darcy's butter.

Ok . . . let me end this long comment. I'm just so proud!

yummy411 said...

so proud of your DIY job! i wanna be like you! lol

oh yes yes.. be careful with regular dye. it's a chemical and will loosen your locs. i colored mine for the BC, but was told to lay off of it until my hair matures. i'm there now! lol

Wes said...

Wow your hair is really coming along nicely... You're doing a splendid job w/ the palm-rolling too- Keep up the good work!