Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fro-Back When: My jet black hair

I got an email from a reader (I didn't even know that many people read this blog, HA!) who wanted to know what I looked like with jet black hair.

The story behind the blue/black hair...

I was bored with the fro.

The end.

I wanted something different. And something unexpected. So in the summer of....'06 I bought a box of some black hair color and dyed the roots.

My silly behind should have probably gotten a rinse but I didn't even consider that.

Freshman 15 or 20 is written all over that picture. HA!!

It looked a little better in an afro puff.

The jet black hair was fun for the first month I had it. I mean I thought I was baaaad.

I would wear these insane fro hawks to class. I really felt like a bad ass with the jet black hair. But after a good month I got sick of it. As to not damage my hair, I didn't re-color again until 3-4 months later.

They say once you go black, you'll never go back.

That may be true for men but not for hair coloring. LOL.....I'm just sayin'.

Peace and loc've


Amina said...

you look badaaaaaaass!!
I Love those pictures!

YBW said...

I can always say I knew her when... when she was a newbie nappy trying to escape the creamy crackaliciousness.. yep now my sis is all grown up and rocking the flyest set of baby locs... i'm sleepy pay no mind to the nappy behind the curtain.

Miss.Stefanie said...

I loved your fro!

Ardourliene said...

lol at the end statement!!! i feel you in the hair n blk... it doesn't last for long..

Samantha Sophia said...

I remember the black fro period didn't you do a single brown/blond streak in the front. Now that was BAD