Monday, April 20, 2009

3.5 Months-5th retwist (just the front)

This post has been sitting here for a minute (on April 5th to be exact).
I should have posted it a loooong time ago.

So a few weeks back my head was insanely itchy. I couldn't even deal with it. I desperately wanted to wash my hair but wasn't in the mood to re-twist my entire head.

So what did I do? I just re-twisted the front! It was extremely successful .

The back after the wash. I am shocked at how well it stood up.

OMG, these look like LOCS!!

And then I just palm rolled the first row or two of locs.

Ta da!

I am loving this! I could care less how fuzzy the back of my hair looks but when trying to be professional, the front needs to always look..."decent". So washing just the first two rows is really what's hot in the streets.

And uh.....I really miss my loctician. I will stroll by her shop sometime this week. I would love to make an appointment but I am really trying to save money with all of the traveling I will be doing this summer. $80/month can go a long way. And now that I know that I can maintain these locs by myself, I don't feel as dependent on professional.

Which is good.
But bad because I love supporting my loctician.

But yall know...every penny counts these days.

Peace and loc've.


Laquita said...

Very nice :o)

Unknown said...

That's AWESOME! I'd probably do the same! I can't wait til my hair locs so I can wash it whenever. My hair is a nasty, flaky mess right now! I am buying the Oyin Grand Poo Bar tomorrow, which I have heard some AWESOME things about from some loc'ers. We'll see!