Friday, April 17, 2009

Going natural can save your life...'s true!!!

I can't tell you how many times I've heard Black women say they can't/won't work-out because of their hair. Here's what we say.

"Girl, I ain't goin' outside with all of that humidity. I'll sweat out my perm."

"Run a 5K with you? Chile please, I just got my hair done."

"What do you mean swim a few laps? I can't....just got a perm."

"I would go to the gym in the morning but I ain't got time to do my hair."

I'm not over-exaggerating because I used to do it.

When I was a permie, working out what a nightmare! It is almost impossible for a sista with 4a hair (that means kinky) to maintain a perm while sweating profusely daily. For this reason.....I didn't work out often.

But as a natural... I can sweat for hours at a time without fearing that I have ruined my hair style. I have been working out like crazy in the past year and this would have never been possible had I had a perm.

I bet if more Black women went natural.....more of us would work out which would result in more of us being healthier. It makes sense.

I can see how it can confuse non-Black women (and men) but what can I say? Our hair really determines A LOT.

That whole, "I am not my hair"'s really not true. Whether we want to admit it or not, a lot of us ARE our hair. Our hair makes and breaks a lot of rules for us.

.....well, not for this loc'd lady.

It would be ridiculous of me to assume that ALL permies neglect the gym because of their hair. But I think it's safe to say that a lot of kinky-haired ladies do.

The following video is a must see! It talks about Black women and why some of us DON'T work-out because of our hair. I am so glad that issues like this are being talked about. How silly have we been to NOT take care of our bodies because of hair maintenance? Our life depends on it. Thanks Natural Hair Rules!


Chanel said...

I came across this on Afrobella the other day and also posted it on my blog. Didn't really like the piece too much.

DJ said...

I have found that simply wrapping your hair during a workout is the best way to maintain your hair. The trick is to keep it wrapped up until it dries completely.
I quit getting relaxers in 07, but I still wear my hair bone straight due to getting it ironed out ever other week.
Wrapping it, does wonders, ladies.

ExoticMommie said...

I will have to try the wrap. I'm relaxed and for me either wearing a cute updo, or wearing a curly style works for me. But then again I don't sweat as much as most.

Laquita said...

Nice post :o)

Bsquared86 said...

Even though I wasn't a relaxed sista, I sure know the feeling from being a press'n'curl girl for 15 years! Fear of sweating my hair out stopped me from doing alot of stuff. My life was definitely revolving around my hair and I wasn't ashamed to admit it, lol.

"I can't go to that party tonight, my press is fresh!"

"I can't take swim class this summer, I need my hair to be done for work."

"I'm skipping Badminton today, I don't want to mess my hair up."

And, I have had many a bad day because some how I messed my press'n'curl up, lol. Strangely, I never thought that relaxed sistas really had this problem! Thanks for opening my eyes.

Tamar said...

Its an excuse to be LAZY! Just like saying you don't have time. Hair is hair permed,curly or natural its all beautiful.

ANGELINA said...

I'm late with this comment, but I want to put in my two cents anyway :)

I never used to worry about working out and messing up my hair when it was longer because I could just throw it in a ponytail and be done with it. But now that my hair is in a cute short cut, I've been way more conscious of how much I'm sweating and how my hair looks during and after a workout. It's tough for me because I run at least 3 times a week and I only like to wash my hair once a week (if that). I've realized that even if my hair looks jank after a run, my health is more important. And if I really don't want to mess it up, I'll do something less strenuous like pilates or I'll suck it up and wash my hair afterward. Thanks for posting this! I'm happy other people realize this problem :)