Monday, May 11, 2009

4.89 months-6th retwist

The locs went to the beach for the first time since their birth. But they didn't hit the water. I managed to do a whole lot of swimming in the pool and in Miami Beach without getting the hair wet.

Which is a challenge because I looooove swimming and it's hard to be in water without dunking my head under. Ah well. So before I went to Miami, I re-twisted the bad boys up and here's how they looked three days later.

Uh oh...check out the "locs on the neck" action. Heyyy!

Way too scalpy up there if you ask me.

Not that I mind the fuzzies but I'm wonderin' why they are back after only 3 days. I mean, took me close to 3 hours to finish re-twisting.

Look at how different the locs look without a flash!

The Soldier loc

WTF is goin' on here?

They are lookin' good to be almost 5 months. I'm proud of the kids! I will be retwisting them a little bit more tomorrow and only because I will be heading to New York. I really want the fuzzies to be under control for at least MOST of the time I am there. Dear locs, can yall do that please?

I think I am going to do a short--retwisting video too so stay tuned for that.

Peace and loc've


Unknown said...

They look really great!!! I like the size and the partings you have How many locs do you have ? Just wondering because when I Loc Up again I may want to go smaller than previous sets. Be Blessed!!

Tamar said...

Good progress! I wish I had the patience :) can you comb them out if you wanted to? (not that I see you trying it) Ive always wondered if folks with locs could comb them out and roc a fro.

[flahy] [blak] [chik] said...

One of these days I'll make the transition!

Bsquared86 said...

Looking good! Embrace the fuzzies! I think of them as a sign of change and maturation.

Blogging from the Blackberry? What will they think of next! lol.

Miss Pretty, check out the Myth #3 post about combing out locs . . . really amazing stuff!

Anonymous said...

I don't like taking hair pics with the flash since the scalpage is so much more apparent. Your locs are lookin good!!

NubianLockedPrincess said...

Girl, how did i miss your Blog?! You are so beautiful! it is great seeing a young woman representing natural beauty! Your locs are progressing beautifully!

Unknown said...

You are looking fabulous girl!

*Coop* said...

Your locs are looking lovely!
I got the tip from someone else's blog (Cluizel?) to use the digital macro setting to photograph locs. Try that too. Flash is not a friend of locs for some reason. :-(