Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Myth #3 about Locs

Now this myth is one that I didn't give much thought about until two of my favorite loc rockers....did it.

"It" being comb out their locs.

That's right.

Locs can not be combed out.

FALSE!! They can....and I didn't even know this until beauty YouTube-r Fauryn78 did a video talking about combing out her locs.

Now being that I was obsessed with her locs, I was literally screaming.

"Whyyyyy? " I yelled at my laptop.

I could not figure out why someone with such beautiful locs would just....comb them out.

And then my good good friend and cousin, Shawnta did the same thing.

Shawnta with locs

Shawnta with a curly fro

These ladies had their locs for close to 10 years each. 10 years is a loooong time. As with most mature loc rockers, they can tell you what was going in their lives by the length of their locs. Locs carry memories--good and bad. Births and deaths. Ups and downs. Locs carry energy.

No really, they do.

Combing them out can represent a newfound image, positive reflections, a cleansing, but most importantly...

....a change.

It's as simple as that. And of course my girls are just as beautiful without their locs as they were with them. I don't see myself ever combing out my locs but then again....they are only almost five months old.

The road to locs and beyond is called a journey for a reason.

Peace and loc've


Bsquared86 said...

LOL most folks don't know. I just combed a loc out on sunday (I needed to do some restructuring).

And, how did I miss Shawnta combing her locs out? That makes two sets of locs that I drool over-errumImean-admire have gone POOF! *heads to Shawta's blog to mourn*

This "combing locs out thing* just adds to the long list of things that make natural hair soooo versatile and amazing!

Unknown said...

(In my best Martin voice yelling at Bruh Man) Hooool Uuuupppp!!! Hooooo Uuuup!!! WHEN did Shawnta take her locs down?! I just saw her last week! She was in a headwrap, but still?!? I'm in shock! ...running over to twitter to find out...

Shawnta said...

AWWWWW! Ya'll are too much! Just like Bsquared86 said though natural hair is amazing with all it's versitilty! I really liked my locs so I'm sure I'll be back to it one day.

PhePhi said...

OMG! I remember following Shawnta's natural hair journey back in early 2001 when I started --and backslid...LOL. WOW! I, too, took down over 500 SL's using a curtain hook over a 3-month period. See for yourself:

Cammie said...

I had locs for 8 years and took them down in December. I guess we were all looking for something new!