Friday, July 17, 2009

Because having nappy hair...hurts.

I owe an update of my locs' 7th month birthday. I didn't forget! I just have to find to take awesome photos on my Blackberry. I left my camera charger at my Mom's house 4 hours away. Boo.

But in the meantime, check out this vid.

THIS is the reason why little Black girls screeeeam at the sight of a comb.

This is insane!! Why is her Momma (but I bet you $10 that's her cousin) combing her hair like that?

-And why is it taking so long?
-And why didn't she section her hair?
-And what the hell is she spritzing in her hair?
-And why is she so rough?

So many questions. My Mom/cousins never combed my hair THAT hard but I remember hating to get my hair done because let's be honest...

Having nappy hair


I will never forget the day my Mom made me go to school with my hair lookin' like a ragga muffin' because I was a hot cryin' mess. I didn't want her to comb it. And so she didn't.
---One of the after school teachers ended up hookin' me up with a style though.
But still.
Little nappy headed girls never get to glorify and love their natural hair because they always associate it with PAIN.
Moms with babies who have thicker hair, please be gentle. Remember what it was like when you got your hair combed. And to my permies....having nappy hair STILL hurts for y'all. I don't know what's worse. Having my natural hair combed or letting a perm sit on my head for a few minutes. You would try to endure the pain because you wanted your hair to be as straight as possible. Now that's pain. And whether natural or permed....

Having nappy hair


But it doesn't have to.


EmberRose said...

That ought to be criminal.

Danyelle said...

That video is horrible...the cursing, the continued torture! Omg, and her hair isn't even that nappy because its fluffy and not tightly coiled. A darn shame...

Amina said...

I couldn't watch the whole video! It just brought painful childhood memories!!!
My combing sessions were like that too that's why I refuse to let a comb touch my hair!!!
That girl is traumatized!!
nappy hair hurts and it would be a better experience if we knew how to be gentle, patient and take care of it..

section, spritz, leave-in conditioner , etc..

Wild Safari said...

It really makes me angry to see women like this fight with little girls' hair then say they need a perm. Little girls do NOT "need" a perm, they need the adult women who do their hair to learn proper haircare techniques and have a little patience and compassion. ANY texture of hair will hurt if you try to rip it out.

DevyneMyzT said...

Jeebus be a CPS officer!
That's abuse! Super disturbing...
I remember sittin on a milk crate as my mom's best friend (my momma ain't do hair) did me up in all the tiny braids--you know, with the beads and the tin foil on the ends? PURE TORTURE for a tender-headed chile, but she NEVA did no mess like that!

Unknown said...

Has anyone watched the other 2 videos? There were 3 all together and they were shorter but more disturbing because they show the mother Tiffany 32, beating the little with a brush and the other shows the little girl Autumn 5 with a black eye. Tiffany's oldest Temperance 17 is the one recording it all. Temperance is also the one who ignorantly posted it on her YouTube account which has now been deleted along with both of their myspace, facebook,& Blackplanet pages. Tiffany works in the Finance Department at Costco in the Detroit area but she lives in the St. Clair Shores area a suburb of Detroit MI. Children Services says that without the exact address they can't do anything about and suggested that the St. Clair Shores Police be notified because they have an Internet investigation team who can track her IP address. When the Police were called an answering machine came on :-/ so a message was left so hopefully all of the exposure this one video is getting they will be able to track down Tiffany and check on the condition of Autumn because if this is the behavior displayed by this "mother" knowing she is being Taped how does she treat the girl when there are no cameras around?