Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hair Wars: The Coil Review!

Weaves, Perms and Wigs vs. Natural

Haha, I love it!!!

Check out the Coil Review here. I feel like screaming. This website is dope!! I've known about it for quite some time but woooooow. Nappy, curly, kinky, wavy and loc'd hair is everywhere!!

EDIT: I just asked 2 men to check out this video and they weren't impressed. They said that this video would probably offend perm/wig/weave wearing ladies. I don't think it was intended to offend anyone. It was probably meant to be dramatic and catch your attention. What do you think?


Amina said...

looove the video!!! The women have soo much attitude. The loced ladies look amaazing especially one lady who had hers curled :)

ChiChi said...

It might be offensive, but I don't give a damn.

No one ever called me ugly for wearing my hair straight!

Love the video...especially the girl with the red locks! FAB! I might consider locking after I get past the BAA stage.

Expanding Beauty said...

Loved this video, just checked them out!! Great site

Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! It's possible it may offend the permies but who cares!!! Shouldn't the fact that 99% of the commercials or tv shows with black women display them with bone straight permed hair offend me??!!