Monday, August 10, 2009

Dyed some locs!

So guess who dyed some locs last night?

Meeee. It was extremely spontaneous and I am LOVING how they came out. I plan to dye a few locs red for good measure and then I'l leave color alone for awhile.

So here's what I did...

I put braided down the locs in the back and threw on a shower cap. I poked a few holes in the shower and strung out some locs.

After this photo I ended up stringing out another 4-5 locs. I didn't use any method. I just randomly selected locs. I did want to make sure that my left and right were somewhat even though.

Then I mixed up the concoction.

I have been using this dye since I've been natural. That's 4 years! I love love loooove it. It has never given me any problems so I ain't fixin' what's NOT broke, as the old folx say. I've heard of better dyes but I don't want to risk it so I stick with Dark & Lovely.

I saturated my locs with the dye and left it on for a good hour. The box said 30 minutes for natural hair but after 30 minutes my locs were still dark brown.

The result....

I even dyed the soldier loc! The solider loc is my favorite because it is the first one to loc. I felt like it deserved the honor to go golden brown!

Look at all the fuzziness!

Oh weee, I love it! Finally some color in my life. Dark brown hair just doesn't do it for me. It's so...blah. I feel more like myself with the color. I think I'll do red tonight, slick down the fuzziness with some aloe vera gel and put the rollers in.

My locs are so beautiful. I really do love them.

And in 3 days they'll be 8 months. Already! Hot dayum!

Peace and loc've


max said...

loves it. the colour looks great - what's it called? that's exactly the colour i want for my own hair.

Amina said...

loove the color!!

Kumina said...

I have a "soldier loc" also it's my favorite one. Good technique on getting the color I used to do this when I was permed instead of using a highlighting cap when I wanted blocks of color. Didn'tthink about doing it for locs.

MissBrownSkin said...

WOW! I Lovee This! Gorgeous! This Is The Exact Colour And Dye I Was Going To Get To Do My Own Hair :) .. A Few Questions If You Dont Mind?

- Will I Have To Bleach My Hair To Do This? My Hair Is Natural And Has Never Been Relaxed, Bleached Or Coloured..I Just Flat Iron It & I Was Just Wondering If I Would Get The Same Beautiful Results As You?
If So Im Heading Right Down To The Store!! Hehe
Thanks :) & Sorry About My HUGEE Amount Of Writing!
<3 Your Blog!

B said...

MissBrownSkin---> Some recommend bleaching the hair because the color will take a lot better and not wash out as easily. This is not the route I wanted to take. Bleaching is extremely drying and I didn't want to take my locs through that. It's a personal decision though.

No results are the same because we all have different hair textures. As much as I loved this color, the crazy thing is---it didn't last! So in the end, it really didn't work as well as I wanted it to. Do you research and talk to others who have done it.

Thank you so much for the love and support. :)