Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hair Accessories

A YouTuber saw my loc journey videos and wanted to know what hair accessories I use on the locs. Take a peek inside of my hair drawer.

And between here and under my bathroom sink, you will NOT find a lot of products. I keep it real simple and try to finish using a product before investing in any thing else. I don't care how badly I want it. Haha, I'm anal like that and HATE clutter.

But what you will find are an insane amount of bobby pins.

I use these things quite frequently. Especially now that the locs are getting longer. And I ALWAYS seem to loose these things. A good 2 months or so ago, I had like....80. And I recently had to purchase some more. I guess the same monster that eats the socks in the dryer also swallows bobby pins. Ain't that somethin'?

And I have a ton of clips too.

I have 4 boxes of these things. They are a MUST HAVE when re-twisting.

How awesome is it that I don't own any combs or brushes? Loves iiiit!!!


Ardourliene said...

Yep thats all it takes.... Its great tht you do them yourself i don't think i could...

Kumina said...

I've always used to duck billed clips. I recently got a box of the double prong like in your picture, I love em! They hold alot tighter.