Monday, August 17, 2009

Loc Spotlight: A Real Loc Rocker

Whooooa, when I saw Ms. Danielia Cotton on The Coil Review (still so in love with this site!) I knew I had to feature her on

How bad are these locs?

Wooow....she is absolutely gorgeous. And she is a REAL rockstar. And her music is rockin' out too! The electric guitarist is sick and most of her songs are pretty catchy. Visit her MySpace here. I hope she's having some kind of concert or show the next time I'm in NYC.

Rock on, Ms. Cotton! You sooo have me tapping in to my alter ego.

Waaaait......I found a vid of her. That's HER playing the electric guitar. It's official.

I want to be a rockstar too.

Like tomorrow.


ChiChi said...

I saw her when I visited the site. That is some loc inspiration!

Ardourliene said...

So Beautifu.. I can't wait for my mane to be like that someday!!

Sunshine Abuwi said...

Her locs are beautiful! They almost look unreal they are so gorgeous. Y'all are making me wanna loc it up!


Anonymous said...

Oh Emm Gee... Her Locs are so awesome...