Monday, September 21, 2009

Humpy-pinned to the side look..

So like.....a few weeks ago I was heading out with some girlfriends and wanted to get all jazzy hair-wise. Can't really do this during the week with work and all. I did a little humpy thing at the top of my head with some pins...

And then I pinned the sides back.

These pictures don't reeeallllly show it but it was such a hot look. When I'm not too lazy to do my hair (ha!) I'll do it again. I should also mentioned that this was done on wet hair.

Yep...I felt like washing my hair so I washed it, did this style and ran out the door. Wash and go's are SO up my alley!


Samantha Sophia said...

It was a hot look.

eMCee said...

You're getting MAD GROWTH too, girl! Love it!