Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Krinkly locs by Nubian Kinks!

OMG, I want my hair to have krinkles! I think I'm going to try this in the next few weeks. I curled them on a whim last weekend and they looked beautifuuuul.

Me and my sister at my youngest sisters' baptism...

LOL at my sister's face. A.mess. So yes....the curls came out beautifully. And I didn't even sit under the dryer. I used the perm rods and ended up falling asleep. Woke up and the curls were popping.

This look only lasted a good 3 days because the minute I worked out, they dropped. This, of course, infuriated me. I'm a work-out junkie but sometimes I wish that I didn't HAVE to just so I could keep a hairstyle. Ugh---but that's a story for another day.

Anyway---next on my styling agenda is some kinkly locs. Weeee!!!

The locs turned 9 months!!! Post and video coming soon!


Unknown said...

They look fabulous!

sabrina said...

Cute curls! I'm only a month and a half in and I have curled mine too with some pillow curlers (my hair was medium length when I started). They came out great, but I wonder if I should do that so soon...I hope they don't loosen up.

Atiyah said...

I have been wearing my hair like this for 2 months.. I started it because I hate sitting under the dryer. Retwist, braid and I am out of the salon I keep the braids in for about 3 days( i dont wear them to work). I love it and my friend seems to like it also LOL.