Saturday, September 19, 2009

The locs are 9 months!

Love this photo. The color is off but it really does a good job
at showing the locs' length and texture.

Wow...I know I say this EVERY month but I am shocked. Is it really already 9 months? Before I know it, the babies will be a year old. In.Sane!! This is going to be a pretty long post because I have A LOT to say about 9 months.


They have REALLY grown and I know it sounds mean but they are starting to get on my nerves a bit. LOL, seriously. I'm not used to having this much hair growing down. The last time I had this much hair, I was a permie. And that was almost 4.5 years ago. The locs are always covering my ears and some are even hitting my neck. I am grateful for length but not for the heat that comes along with it. I am ready for the ponytail length because these kids especially bother me when I work-out.


Speaking of working-out while growing locs, it's like this: IT SUCKS! Badly. My locs still loc but a re-twist or curling...doesn't last for caca. And it's so frustrating. I will spend a good 2+ hours retwisting my hair only for me to sweat it out with one 30-minute run. This is bad for several reasons.
(1) I KEEP having to retwist my locs. Over-twisting=thinning. Not good.
(2) My scalp gets soaked which means my roots are soaked. Not good.
(3) I'm afraid the soaked roots makes my hair smell. I can't confirm because I can't sniff the top of my head but still....ugh.

Most days I end up having to retwist a few this:

See how the front is freshly twisted but the back is all afro-ish? Yep...I do this often only because they look REALLY beat up after a work-out. I don't know how to alleviate this. And NOT working out is not an option. Are you kidding me? LOL


Yep...I feel like these kids will NOT lay down. Every day I'm having to train some loc. By train I mean FORCE them to grow a certain way. For some reason a great deal of them like to run to the front of my head. Like a bang. To train the locs I usually have to pin them down individually.

Look closely....see that gold bobby pin? That one loc gives me the toughest issues. That one ALWAYS runs to front.


As I've mentioned before, some locs are just WAAAY too thin. I've decided to combine a few. 8 locs are now 4 locs. This was a tricky process because I want to be sure that they don't LOOK like two locs intertwined into one but just one solid loc. This one is having some issues...

All I'm doing is "2 strand-ing" the locs together. Towards the end I twist them just to make sure they don't unravel. I'm sure it'll take some months before the locs above become one but I'd rather have issues than that versus dealing with a super thin-close-to-breaking loc.


Dude...what happened to my color? Didn't I dye some locs less than a month ago? After consulting with my Loc Advisor, I found out that semi permanent color doesn't do too hot on loc'd hair. How did I miss that memo? A good two washes and my hair is already fading. It was a total WTF moment for me when I first noticed. So in order for my hair color to hold up, I will need a permanent dye. Let's hope that I can find some as good as Dark & Lovely's. Funny how the dye I've been using on my natural hair can last for close to a year but with locs it only lasts only a few months. I'm sure there's some scientific reason behind this but I'm too irritated to care. Ha! Eye just want my vibrant color back. And granted I could go to my loctician and have her do it but let's be honest...I'd rather teach myself so I don't have to become dependent on hair stylists. Plus I'm cheap....every time I think about saving $80 by not getting my hair professionally done, I want to throw a party.

More photos of the locs at 9 months...

Tis all for now, darlings! Stay tuned for "Curling the Locs, Part III" and more product reviews! Oh--and the 9 month video review. All coming soon!


Amina said...

woow..already 9 months! Time flies!!!
I am sure with some time the combined locs will get the message and form into one :)
I am so proud of you :)

Bsquared86 said...

WOOOHOO! go loc'tee! go loc'tee! those babies are growing! i can't believe that its been 9 months!

A.N. Lewis said...

They look wonderful. Mine are just turning 6 months. I work out every day and my head sweats profusely, because this I have to shampoo my locs just about everday. You should try latching, it works well, and it wash/sweat proof.

msfullroller said...

Oh yeah, latching is great and once you get the hang of it the speed improves. I really liked her demonstration, along with NubianLockedPrincess' and MsButterfli on YouTube, I finally understood how to do it.

I think some people occasionally palm roll the length.

Your locs are looking fantabulous!! It won't be long now 'til 1 yr.

B said...

Thank you, darlings!!

And thank you msfullroller. :)

Zayna said...

Hey Loc Rocker!

I was thinking about your twisting after work outs dilemma. I'm a Muslim gal who wears hijab so I don't really have to worry about the fuzzy roots before my one month retwisting. BUT-I do know how annoying it can look.

This is not a complete solution but for myself I have a collection of soft funky head bands (polka dot, silver)to rock in the week(s) before retwisting. They can really spice up an outfit and locs always look nice pulled back : )

B said...

Zayna---> Head bands save the day somethin' serious. This was the case back when I had loose hair but I haven't thought about it for my locs. Genius idea!

NaturallyLuvly said...

I used Dark & Lovely by SoftSheen Carson to dye my locs around month 6, and the color has stayed pretty well (i'm in month 10 now). They have permanent as well as semi-permanent colors, I'm sure you'll find a shade with them you like.

Your locs are amazing

Unknown said...

Have you thought about interlocking to maintain your dreads instead twisting. That way you can workout and not have to worry about re-twisting. Also I believe that it creates a stronger loc.