Saturday, November 7, 2009

Blonde Tips and Vow to no more coloring

How dope is this photo?

I know....totally random and a fluke on my camera's behalf. My tips looks blonde. Totally cool!

But what's not is the lesson I learned on coloring my hair. I hate that I didn't consult with my friend Shannon prior to coloring my hair. Chick is a licensed cosmetology. She specializes, color. She told me all kinds of bad news about the developer and hair bonds breaking and not being replaced and how essentially coloring is worse than perming and how their is no way to repair the hair bonds that have been broken from color etcetera etcetera.

What a nightmare. I knew coloring was bad but now I feel awful. I love color SO much but healthy hair is more important. So I guess I'm done. Frickty frack. No more color for me. Unless I manage to tweak Kool-Aid's formula and figure out how to make it permanent--the natural way. I probably need to talk to a chemist.

I'm jivin' y'all.



ShanSoPink said...

what about using henna?

~Just BLESS~ said...

Yep I was going to ask about henna too. It is way less damaging and it looks so hot! Shoot you might even think about having a henna party. I'm sure you would love the henna designs on your hands. :)

B said...

I don't know about henna, y'all...I am desirous of brighter and bolder colors where I always thought that henna was nothing more than an enhance of your color. Like a boost more so than an actual color change. I don't know....I shall do my research, chicas.

And Just BLESS---you ain't lyin'...I would SO rock henna all over my hands. I think it is just beautiful!

Virtuous Woman said...

Try Herbatint. Blaqkofi(sp?) uses it on her sisterlocks.

B said...

Fab! Thanks for letting me know!